Saturday, October 20, 2007

How I became a Dreadnaught

Two years ago this December I found the Judith Mcnaught Discussion board. The reason? I had tried one of her books that my Grandma had given me a few years before. I had nothing else to read and by the the flap on the dust jacket I didn't really want to try it. I read it any way and fell in love with her writing.

Next thing I know, I am searching the web for more of her books. I found her personal web site and the rest is history. I know that a few of the ladies on the board found her the same way.

These ladies of from every state in the US and a few countries too. Each has her own personality and yet we all get along most of the time. We all have had a few differences but it always works it self in the end.

We get together a few times a year and have fun together discussing Judith's books or other authors that we just have to share. The last party we had was at the Dallas RWA. It was a incredible experience and I was overwhelmed by how easy it was to talk to them even though we had never met face to face. I hated to see the trip end.

The funny part is that before finding her board, I had stuck with my so called "safe" authors. I don't know about you but I like to stick with what I know and HATE change. After becoming friends with some of the ladies, I found myself trying new authors and actually enjoying them ALOT. Now I am trying new ones and telling the other ladies about them all the time. Some have been good and some not so good. The funny thing is that the authors I had stuck with for so long, I don't really read that much any more. How is that for weird?
Because of this board, I have found a great friend. Her name is Kelli and she is the biggest Princess Diva you could ever meet. I guess we compliment each other because looking at us and our personalities, you would think we would be such good friends. Our children and husbands even get along together.

I even found some great Yahoo friends. We don't chat as much any more but I know that if I need them, all I would have to do is ask. They know that they can do as well. So I guess what I am trying to say is that change can actually be good in a way. Sometimes you have to leave that comfort zone and just let go. Who knows, you might some great friends like I did.

So check it out and make some friends like I did. You wont regret it.