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Interview and contest with Author Sapphire Phelan at Bitten By Books

A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up.

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Pancreatic Cancer Action Network needs 8,120 signatures. Will you help?

Pancreatic cancer isn't getting the attention it deserves–not from the federal government and not from medical researchers. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. The number of cases is increasing, but the investment in research for early detection, effective treatment options and eventually a cure lags far behind the other leading cancer killers.

We need to change that–and you can help. Pancreatic cancer is one of the few cancers for which survival has not improved substantially in the past 30 years. We made progress on breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer because people demanded early detection tools, effective treatment options and critical federal funding for focused research. People like you can make a difference.

You can raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. Join with friends and family to be a strong voice to draw the attention of our elected officials, astute medical researchers, the media and the general public.

Together, we can create national momentum. We can make a difference; a big difference. Now is the time to do it.

Approximately 116 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each day. In recognition of November as National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has issued a challenge to secure 8,120 signatures to support the 8,120 people who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer between the launch of the campaign (September 22), and the end of November. Since the challenge was issued, over 5,000 have joined in the fight—it's time for you to join them. You and others like you can be their voice in the fight to find a cure while they fight for their lives.

Doctors like me look to perform medical miracles every day. They don't just happen, though. They come about through the hard work and commitment of people like you–a community of dedicated people who aren't in the operating room, but who play a role in every case of cancer that goes into remission and in the life of every survivor. I lost my own father to this horrific disease. I know how important the work of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is and the difference you, and your family and friends can make.

We're trying to add people to the fight by the end of November. Will you ask your friends and family to join us? I will be asking mine.

When we know more about pancreatic cancer, we'll know more about how to fight it and end it. Thank you for playing a critical role in this important effort.

Mark Talamonti, MDNorthShore University HealthSystemChairman of the Medical Advisory Council - Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

1According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 42,470 individuals will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009. This translates into an average of over 116 people being diagnosed with the disease each day.

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Release Party for Ilona Andrews at Bitten By Books

Welcome to the Bitten by Books Release party for ON THE EDGE. I just received the author copies and it’s a real book. I guess I don’t think it’s real until I can hold the finished copy.

::pets book::: Iz my preciouss. Shiiiiiny.

There is a funny story attached to the creation of this book. I’d written the opening a long time ago almost two years, but I never did anything with it. So, I’d just finished Kate 3 and it left me emotionally drained. (Kate books are tough to write. Everything has to be just so.) I didn’t want to start another Kate manuscript right away, so I started playing around with the opening and I thought, “Hmm… I wonder if there is enough of this to make it into a novella… I could release it as a freebie on the blog.”

So I’d written it out and ran it by Jeaniene Frost. A few minutes later a message from BFF Jeaniene popped into my mail box. I opened it. The first sentence read, “I’m going to kill you…”

Apparently Jeaniene had formed a rather strong opinion that this manuscript should be a novel and she wasn’t subtle about expressing it. I honestly thought she was deeply mistaken and there was no way to make a novel out of it, but I had nothing to lose at that point, so I sat down and chugged forward. A two books contract, a Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review and 4 1/2 Romantic Times Top Pick later, I’m willing to say it.

Dear Jeaniene,

You were right.
So with that startling admission in mind (I don’t admit being wrong that often), let’s party and I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Interview and Contest with Karen Dales at Bitten By Books

A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up.

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My Bloody Vampire - 31Days of Dark Delights Event

October marks our 2nd Halloween and with it a huge cause for celebration! We have a month filled with special guests, contests, and giveaways. We hope that you will be a part of our My Bloody Vampire - 31 Days of Dark Delights event this October.

There will be daily contests along with over 14 author events, polls, parties and more! Something fun and prizes for the masses everyday in the our dearest darkest month.

Here are just a handful of the fabulous authors offering up prizes for daily giveaways in October!

Charlaine Harris
Linda Wisdom
Larrissa Ione
Anne Kane
JM Snyder
Diane Whiteside
Marta Acosta
Marilu Mann
Terry Spear
Yolanda Sfetsos
Cynthia Eden
Selena Illyeria
Frank Say
Kimberly Frost
Mayra Calvani
Sapphire Phelan
Ann Macela
Christine Rose
Diane Whiteside
Jenna Black
Jae Roth
Linda Palmer
Marguerite Labbe
B.J. McCall
Ashlyn Chase
Eileen F. Watkins

Just added:Ericka Scott

Not to mention the numerous publishers and other businesses! If you had a blast at our Birthday bash, hang on to your blood bags, because this October is going to be a bloody good time for all! Of course there will be daily party packs of author swag, so you will want to come by every day to chat and be entered to win those! Party pack contests are open to readers world wide!

So, who is ready to party? Are you going to stop by and enjoy the fun? Watch this post for updates in the coming days! If you are an author, business or publisher who is interested in contributing prizes to the celebration, please email me directly at: racoo.smith @ gmail. com (no spaces) with the words “My Bloody Vampire Contribution” in the subject line so it doesn’t get lost in the spam filter.

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Interview, chat and contest with author C June Wolf at Bitten By Books

A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a fixed time event, the post just goes live at 10:30 am CDT. You can stop by any time during the day or evening and leave your questions and chat.

Prize 1: A story written for You. You choose the genre and the time period. Tell me up to three things about the protagonist (a name, an ability, something she hates or something she likes – it’s up to you) and I will do the rest. Or you can choose a theme - say, art and the paranormal or alien shopping or whatever you’re curious about, and I’ll come up with the character, etc. Or you can leave it all up to me. In any case, tell me a little about yourself and what you like or what is important to you, and I will bear that in mind as I write. The publishing rights remain with me, but the story is dedicated to you and you see it first. I’ll send you a signed printout when it’s done. Heck, if you like I’ll call and read it to you. Plus you will receive a personalized signed copy of Finding Creatures & Other Stories. (Note: writing a story takes time! This won’t come instantly but it’ll get there soon enough.)

Prize 2: A personalized signed copy of Finding Creatures & Other Stories plus a poem in the genre of your choice. Choose one element of the poem and I’ll do the rest. See Prize 1 above for details.

Prize 3: An Amazon gift card worth $40.00 CDN at the Amazon that serves your area (.ca, .com, .uk).

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Marlene Perez is at Bitten By Books!

A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a fixed time event, the post just goes live at 10:30 am CDT. You can stop by any time during the day or evening and leave your questions and chat.

Julia Kenner is at Bitten By Books!

A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a fixed time event, the post just goes live at 10:30 am CDT. You can stop by any time during the day or evening and leave your questions and chat.

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Raine Delight is here today!

Raine Delight stopped by my blog to talk about what inspires her stories. Take a look and leave a comment or a question. Raine loves to hear from her readers.

“What inspires your stories?”

You know that is the one question I dread answering as an author. Ask me on my characters, stories, upcoming attractions but ask me what inspires something and I am at a loss. Well I take that back…not exactly a loss but it is hard for me to get the right words to explain what inspires me.

Everything inspires me…a news article, passing snatch of a song on a radio heck something that may have happened in my life. All is up for fodder for ideas and yes, I do use creative license to make them a tad bit more interesting *grins*.

I think writing a new story is like making a new recipe. You have a dash of this, a dash of that…stir it all up and add in some yummy bits to make something so yummy, you want more.

For my Devon Falls series, I used a combination of my home town and my former places of employment to create the town of paranormals. Each time I wrote a Devon Falls book, it grew and more characters popped up to clamor for a story. For example, my hometown has a candy shop where I actually knew the owner and his family who made and sold these yummy treats. That was the basis of Sticky Magic and then it grew. I seem to add to it each time I go back to Devon Falls and frankly I like adding to it but dang if it isn’t hard to keep up.


For my Space Pirates Series, I read a science article online on what would happen to the Earth if there was a freak Gamma Explosion that hit us and of course, it helped I was watching Johnny Depp play Captain Jack *grins*, that my Space Pirates were born.

Another series is based on my fascination of the BDSM world and the many stories I read about it lately. Club Fantasy series is a paranormal, of course, with two very hot co-owners and lovers. This series is pure imagination but the question of “What if you stepped in this club and found a side of you that you never knew existed?” fascinated me and had me thinking ideas. This was intriguing and the basis of Desires Unleashed was born with a heroine who finds her falling for two very different men that leave her panting for more.

My muse is a nut that likes to leave me hanging and keeps me jumping with ideas. With each story a little bit of me goes in there and frankly that is how I like it.

So what inspires me? Why everything and anything, dear reader. I hope to continue entertaining you in the future with more books and steamy fun.

For more information on Raine Delight and her books, check out the links below.

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Raine Delight will be here on 9-17-09

Just a quick reminder that Raine Delight will be stopping by my blog. Come by and say hello.

Here is a tease of her next book, Haunted Magic. It is book four in her Devon Falls Series. I you haven't read it yet, I suggest you go and get it. What are doing still sitting there? Go, now!

Devon Falls 4: Haunting Magic
Book 4 in series
Raine Delight
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Coming to Aspen Mountain Press
Fall 2009
More information at

Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. She is just aggravating and down right sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can this wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Will Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?

Sneak peek Unedited Excerpt (please excuse the typos and other mistakes):

Hearing a knock on the door, Damien poked his head inside and spying Rod looking out the window, he walked inside, closing the door quietly behind him.

“Well, brother of mine, you seem to have found the one woman who could give two shits about you.” Damien shook his head as laughter gleamed in his eyes. “Man, Jaxon Sinclair of all people and you just had to taunt her, didn’t you? You couldn’t just let it go for one night. Then you kissed her. If you didn’t want her pissed at you even more, this should do it.”

“Are you done being an asshole? And please, can you stop giving me a play by play? I was there and I really don’t need you telling me your opinion of the situation.” Rod turned around and he practically growled at his twin in response. His eyes glowed a bright golden hue and his breath huffed through his nose in annoyance. “I need you to back off, brother of mine, before the wolf inside me decides to take offense against his chosen mate and tries to take out your throat. I don’t think blood will get out of the Persian carpet and mother will have a hissy fit.”

Damien watched his brother warily as the golden eyes watched him and he could feel the dragon inside him itching to take him up on the fight but thankfully, his cooler head was in control of his body and he shook his head in bemusement.

“Ok, Ok…sheesh Rod, it isn’t like I do not want you to settle down but Jax????? She can’t stand you or did until you kissed her like that. Man what anatomy were you thinking with, your dick?”

“Not sure, Damien, what the hell happened but one minute I was trying to yank her chain and the next thing I know, I want to claim her and mark her as mine for everyone to see and know.” Rod shook his head as his body finally cooled down to function and walked over to where Damien stood and laid a hand on his twin’s arm, and said baffled, “She is my mate Damien and I have no clue who will kill whom after it is all said and done. The wolf wants her with every breath I take and it was hard enough walking away without running back to rip her clothes off and take her right then and there.”

Rod’s face looked up at Damien and it was a picture of utter perplexity that had Damien chuckling softly. Squeezing his arm, Damien walked over to the mini bar and grabbed two beers. Popping them open, he gave Rod one and then took a long swallow of his before answering his twin.

“Rod, love’s a bitch and if you admit it, you have wanted her for a long time. The sparks between you two was felt by many people. It was a flaming miracle that you two lasted before combusting. My god, man, you found your mate and with the full moon coming tomorrow, you either deal with the hand fate gave you or give up learning what makes this woman call to you and the wolf inside you. You need her and the wolf is determined to have her regardless of what happens.” Damien swallowed some more beer as he watched Rod’s face get calmer and contemplative. The glow from his twin’s eyes seemed to dampen though it was still there ready to flare in an instant.

“Brother you need her and now it’s your time to claim her. Listen to me for a change and since I owe you for helping me get my head on straight about Alicia a few months ago, I would really appreciate that you not take a chunk out of my hide. I don’t think she would appreciate that very much and if you think she won’t kill you, and then you really haven’t seen her pissed off and gunning for vengeance.” Damien said with a grimace as he put down his empty beer bottle in the trash and walked over to Rodrick who still stood like a rock, a contemplative expression on his face. “Go for a run and get your game head on brother of mine. Jax is going to test you in every way and then some. It is time to get ready for a war because her heart is clearly behind some strong shields and the wolf will not settle for anything but her heart, body and soul before this is all said and done. Know you have my support and if you need me for anything, just let me know. I have your back like always, Rod.”

Damien nodded and as he walked out he could hear Rod, muttering under his breath and smiled as he walked away from a man about to meet his greatest adversary: the woman meant to be his for all time and man; he didn’t envy the chase Jax was going to give Rodrick. Chuckling, he went down to the Inn and made sure that the guests were happy now that the entertainment his twin had to deliver that night was over for the time being.

"A little bit sweet....a whole lot of naughty!"
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Excerpt of Viking Seduction by Tracy L. Ranson

Viking Seduction
Tracy L. Ranson
June 4, 2009
Dark Castle Lords
Check out Tracy's Website formore news, books and other good stuff:

Morgaine ap Rhodri is a princess on the run from Wales. Rather than face the prospect of a loveless marriage with King Alfred of Wessex, she turns to her true friend-the sea-to aid her in her escape. The only thing she expects is to make a new life somewhere and live on her own terms. What she doesn't count on is falling into the arms of a handsome Viking Nobleman, Erik Ragnorsson. After he captures her ship and takes her back to his land as a slave, Morgaine does the one thing that she never wanted to do: fall under the spell of his VIKING SEDUCTION.

Painful throbs in her head brought Morgaine back from the depths of the howling blackness of unconsciousness. How long she remained there was uncertain. The last thing she remembered was getting ready to run a Viking through...her ship! Jesu! A roving band of Vikings attacked her ship on the high sea!

Morgaine opened her eyes. Where was she? Silvery moonlight bathed a rough-hewn tent in gray and outlined the confines of her prison. Just beyond the edge, she heard the soft murmur of voices in a language she had never heard before as well as the slap of oars as they entered the water. Where was everyone?

Morgaine dropped her hand. Soft fur pelts constructed a bed beneath her, warm but foreign. Fear pounded along her veins as the sudden realization of her situation sank in. She must have been captured and brought aboard a Viking ship to be taken God only knew where!

What was she going to do? Were they going to ravish her and pass her around like some sort of sport?

Before she could think upon her situation further, the tent parted with the help of two large hands. Terror pushed Morgaine’s heart to a new pace as a lump formed in her throat. Who entered her dim prison? Better still, what did they want with her? She backed up a little on the mound, her fingers curling around the silky hairs.

A very tall figure emerged through the opening. He stood before her, bulging arms crossed. From his silhouette, she could see his heavily muscled arms as well as his strong legs splayed out in a gesture of power. Light colored, wavy hair framed his unseen face.

“I trust you are well.” His deeply masculine voice spoke her Welsh tongue with a perfect accent.

She was taken aback. “ know my language?”

A quick snort of annoyance escaped his lips. “You forget that the Vikings have traveled the seas since time began. Most of us know many languages.” He allowed his arms to fall to his sides. Slowly he curled his hands and placed them on his lean hips. “I suppose you could use some light.” With a quick snap of his fingers, a small oil filled pot passed through the opening of the tent. Despite the small flame, the light was generous enough for her to get a good look at him.

Warm golden light highlighted his bronzed skin underneath the strange fur vest covering his wide torso. He possessed a strong brow hooding his eyes, almost like those of a hawk. His aquiline, sleek nose swept down to high cheekbones. Luscious full lips parted to let out a soft breath. Her heart thumped an extra beat as a deep dread filled her.

“Many thanks, my lord. What...what is it you wish to do with me?”

“That all depends.” He lowered himself next to her. The corner of the bed sank under his massive weight and brought forth the frightening notion this giant could spring on her and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She trembled slightly but managed to keep her emotions wiped from her face. “On what?”

Her captor picked up a strand of her hair and dangled the locks between his strong fingers. “On you. First, you are going to tell me who you are and what you are doing at sea with a band of men.” Strange light danced behind the stormy gray eyes, his emotions very hard to read. Father had taught her to gauge her enemy by their eyes but this was one she couldn’t identify. What was his real intention with her?

She shook her head and crossed her arms. “No. That is my concern and my concern alone.”

In a swift motion, his strong arm locked around her waist and drew her against the hardened plane of his chest. He whirled about until he had her pinned beneath him. The width of his hips forced her legs apart and she had no choice but to let them fall open. He was far too strong for her to push him off.

He poised above her as the sweep of his gaze traveled all over her face. A storm brewed behind those iron gray eyes, fueled by more unknown emotions.

Tenderly, the pad of his thumb skimmed over her lower lip. He murmured something in his Viking tongue as he caressed her cheek. “You are a beautiful woman.” He lowered his head as if he would but steal a kiss from her. “I could sip from those lips all night long.”

Anger flashed inside of her, replacing the small bites of lust nipping at her soul. “There will be no sipping or anything else. I refuse to give in to your demands.”

His blonde eyebrow rose. “Really? Let me see if I can tempt you into giving in to my demands.” Pressing his hips downward, she could feel the bulge of his huge cock grind against her pussy. Her nipples tingled in a strange fashion, beginning from root to tip. She gasped.

A sensual slipped over his lethal lips as his mouth curled into a half smile. “Have you tasted desire enough?”

Morgaine could do nothing but stare at his hypnotic eyes and tremble beneath his mammoth form. The inner walls of her pussy convulsed as if her nether regions hungered to have his large organ inside of her pumping away to oblivion. She tried to stop all those emotions but she couldn’t. His masculine force was too strong for her.

I interviewed Tracy L Ranson today!

Tracy L Ranson stopped by my blog to answer a few questions. Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while. Please leave her a question or a comment. Tracy loves to hear from her readers. Come on, you know you wanna. lol

For more information about Tracy and her books, please click on the link below.

What genres do you write in and why?
I mostly write in historical but everything I have out covers all ends of the spectrum. Can we say, multitasking?

Do you research information for your stories?
If so, what kind of research? I most certainly do. It’s one of my favorite things. I’m a historical buff and I love to learn all kinds of new things about my subjects along the way.

What is the best writing advice and what was the worst that you have received?
The best? I would have to say never give up. The worst: Don’t quit your day job.

Is there a genre that you haven’t written that you would like to? That’s a toughie because I write all over the board. I guess I would have to say Regency. I haven’t done that yet.

Tell us a bit about Viking Seduction, what is the story about?
A renegade Welsh princess is on the run from a forced marriage. What Morgana ap Rhodri doesn’t count on is running straight into the arms of Erik Ragnorsson, a handsome, virile Viking nobleman who captures her ship. She becomes his slave, refusing to give her heart to him. It isn’t long before Morgana falls under the spell of his VIKING SEDUCTION.

What gave you the idea for the story?
My husband is of Norwegian ancestry and has quite a few Viking warriors back in his family tree. He’s the epitome of a Viking warrior, very tall with long blonde hair, big muscles and sturdy build. I started asking him a few questions about his ancestors and sort of built my story up from there.

Do you have any WIP that you may want to tell us about?
I’ve got so many. I’m editing quite a few books that should carry me until the end of the year. After that, I’ll be jumping onto my newest pirate story (everyone has been asking when I was going to write a new one) tale. It’s a tale of revenge for a woman’s honor but the hero finds redemption in the daughter of his enemy. I’m adding a lot of twists and turns in this one and it should be interesting! I’m writing it in between my works in edit.