Monday, October 22, 2007

When a man loves a woman

Since my Grandma has passed, my mother and I have taken turns in calling him. Yes it is checking on him and yes he over 80! So what. lol

Today he called me instead and we talked for a while. He was updating me on how it is going. He has been sorting through all of my Grandma's stuff. It keeps his mind off of things he said. He has come across a few interesting things too.

First of all he found a recruiting pamphlet from World War II that she had saved. He is going to donate it to the museum in DC. I think she wold enjoy that.

He also came across all the frequent flyer miles they had together. He donated some to the American Cancer Society and the other to Habitat. The reason he gave these up? He said he didn't have anyone to go with him any more.

He also told me about the pictures that he had come across from when they were dating and then got married. I have a copy of a few of them too. They looked so happy and so very much in love.

My Grandpa also took her old wedding ring to a jeweler. They sized it bigger so that he could wear it. He said that now they are still married. He started to get choked up and thought to myself, this is the man that always was a rock throughout my life, but he is also human.

This man had taken care of his sick wife through to the end. He lost sleep but what did he say after she passed? She was still beautiful.

This November will be, not would have been, will be their 60th wedding anniversary. Yesterday he told me that he wished she would have made it til then, but her pain was just too much.

Can you imagine a love that lasts that long? I just celebrated my 13th, how could I put up with mine for that long?? Just kidding. I guess this is what those romance novels talk about. Love at first sight and happily ever after. I hope to have half of that in this lifetime.