Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Today was back to school time and I have never been so happy or excited to see my son off to school. After two weeks of Christmas Vacation, it was so time for him to go.
The first few days of vacation were nice. My younger daughter thought it was great to have her older brother home to play with. That lasted for maybe a day.
As it got closer to Christmas, the more the kids got twitchy. You know where they can't concentrate on one thing and all they do is bug you about want they want. What did you get me? Where are the presents? When do we get to open them? On and on and on....
Did I also mention that the hubby was home for the two weeks too? I was lucky and got rid of him on the 2nd. I love him, really I do but it is nice to watch him go. You know absence makes the heart grow fonder?? Yup, I love that!
Christmas day came and all the presents are being torn open so fast that they don't even know who they are from or even care for that matter. They play with their toys in perfect harmony for a few hours and then the trouble begins. "Mom, Megan wont leave me alone." Alex yells from him room. "Mom, Alex hit me." Megan screams a few seconds afterwards. And that is how the rest of the vacation goes.
Now being the easy going mommy that I am, I don't put them on Ebay like I want to. I figure I could get a two for one for them. For some reason my mother talks me out of it. Hey, she wouldn't even bid on them so I don't understand her.
This past weekend I am thinking to myself that on Monday it will be all better and I can have my routine back. If you know me, you know that my life revolves around routines. You mess it up and I am a raging hormonal mess. So Sunday comes and Hubby and I are talking about Alex going back to school. He brings up that he doesn't go back until Tuesday. I say no it's Monday (please don't take my dream away!!). We check the Internet and the school vacation list. The hubby is right. So I got to have a extra day of him at home, picking on his sister, being a hyper, cranky 9 year old.
So this morning when I walk him to the door to catch the bus, I feel it is okay for me to a little jump in my step. Hell, I woke right up this morning ready to go. So for all the stay at home moms and dads, Cheers to making it through yet another loooooong school vacation.