Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary to you...

Today would have been my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. A big party to help celebrate that happy occasion would have been held last week with family and friends. Instead my grandpa is alone on a day that should have been spent with his bride.

This wonderful man stuck by his wife through sickness and in health. Her last few weeks on earth were spent at home together. He held her hand as she took her last breath of this world. All he could say was, "She is still beautiful."

I have to say that after only 13 years of marriage it would be hard for me to picture a life with out my husband. I can't imagine what it would be like after 60 years together.

What breaks my heart is knowing the fact that my grandpa goes through all the things that she had collected throughout the years (and there is more then you can imagine) to keep his mind off of his loss.

After she passed this September, he had her wedding ring sized to fit next to his own wedding ring. This way he thought they could still be married in spirit.

This man who I thought was one of the toughest men I know, cries now because he misses his wife. Grandma was supposed to be the emotional one, not him. He doesn't sleep at night and wont consider taking anything to help him cope.

So if you read this, say a little pray for him to get through today.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why some animals eat their young...

I am beyond glad that tomorrow my husband and my oldest will being going back to school or work. I can't tell you how bad it has been. No, wait. Yes I can.

This past Monday and Tuesday I decided to let my oldest stay home from school so he would have a full week off. Why you ask? I have no clue. Call it a brain fart but I let him any way. By Tuesday I wanted to run away or put my WHOLE family on Ebay. The shipping would have been way too much though.

I did my shopping for Thanksgiving on Tuesday and made my son go with me so I had someone to talk to or bitch to depending on how bad it was. That trip went really well considering how many people were there at the store. We were in and out within just two hours. We ended up with the top down and singing to Papa Roach on the way home.

Thanksgiving went pretty well considering. We had snacks all day and then sat down to eat around 530. I made every ones favorite dishes. Cranberries and yams for my daughter and I. Corn bread stuffing for the hubby. Green bean bake for the boy. I also made sure that I made Pumpkin pie for the boy and Pecan pie for myself and the hubby. Mommy even broke down and bought a bottle of wine to drink with dinner. Can't remember the last time I had a adult beverage.

What happens?? The boy didn't want any of the beans that I had made just for him. He didn't want the pumpkin pie either or the yams. The hubby didn't want dessert at all either. What was the point of even making dinner people? Or even washing my good china?

Now usually I wait til after my birthday (December 11th in case you want to buy me lots of presents. I LOVE BOOKS!) before we put up the tree for Christmas. I was feeling good today so I thought we could do it today. Boy was I wrong!

I let the kids decorate the tree and they did a pretty good job this year too. Next was the stockings, decorations, and lights. My son wanted lights in his room all hung up so I did. A hour later I was sweating and pissed off. I used two freakin strands and was even on a chair to reach up high. Did I mention I am very afraid of heights even on just a chair?? No? Well now I did. When I finished the lights does my son say, "Thank you mom, that looks great?" Oh hell no! He wants more lights because it isn't good enough with just two. He wants me to do zig zags on his wall. That is when I decided to go take a shower instead of stringing him up by his toes.
I had to lock myself in the bathroom so I could do my nails. I even took the time to paint my toes too. I have to soak it in because who knows when the next time will be.
So even though tomorrow will begin at 530 or 6 am, I am looking forward to it like you couldn't believe. I love my family, no really I do. I love them so much and I will say that in court under oath and everything when I have to beat the crap out of them. I am even looking forward to a day filled with Dora and her stupid cousin Diego. I swear neither one can find their shoes with out help even with a map.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mike vs. Mike

Here is my problem. You have Mike Rowe on the left and Mike Holmes on the right. Both have their pluses and minuses. More pluses though. *sigh*

Let us start with Mike Rowe. He is on a great show on the Discovery Channel. Does voice overs for numerous shows with that incredible voice of his. He is also a spokesman for Ford (should be Chevy). He has even done QVC.

He is tall, dark and handsome. Great bod too. *fanning self* Looks great in waders, boots and overalls.

On his show he has done numerous icky jobs. Road Kill removal, chicken sexing, bat biologist, bug killer, cleans up all kind of animal poop. He has even played with a monkey. Well sort of but the monkey won.

He does all this but the minus is that he whines the whole entire time on the show. Now I know that some of his job are rather nasty, but come on and suck it up.

Now on to Mike Holmes. He is also tall but blond instead on dark. I know I really don't care for blonds all that much but with him, I will make a exception.

He can make overalls look sexy and has such great looking arms.

What this man does is when homeowners are screwed over by contractors who were hired to renovate and they don't do the job or they do but with wrong work, he comes in and fixes it.

He doesn't cut corners at all. Far from it. I have seen on his shows how he decides that the room just needs to be teared down and started all over again from scratch. He goes the extra mile for these people who without him, would be stuck.

What I notice his how fair he is with his employees too. He shows them how to do a job but doesn't talk down to them. Far from it. He praises them often and I can't help liking him even more.

At the end of his shows he gets hugs from the families and he calls that his payment. Now how awesome is this?

Most of what he does is funded by donations and companies donating their time to help along with supplies.

The minus is that he is in Canada. *whining*

So check out his web site and find out how you can donate or find out more information about the show.

So now you see my problem? Too bad you couldn't have them both or put them together to make one man. Oh the possibilites!

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Best Friend, My Sister....

Have you ever had a friend who felt more like a sister then your own? I have one and I have know her more then half of life. We wont give out a figure though. Just use your imagination. I will say this, we are in double digits.

I remember us first meeting like it was yesterday. We met through a friend and after that we were each others shadow.

We fought over the same two boys. I got the first one and she got the second. She married hers and I kicked mine to the curb shortly afterwards. No hard feelings at all and have to say that they are happily married. I have known him almost as long.

I remember how we had our lives planned out. What we were going to be when we grew up. Nothing was too high back then. To me, reality is much better.

Singing together and thinking we were so good, when we were actually the equivalent of a pack yapping dogs. I only know one other person as bad as we were. Roxanne! lol

She was there the night before my wedding. She talked to me when I cried that morning because I was so scared. Should or shouldn't I? I did follow through and have been married for 13 looong years.

I was at her wedding too when she married her sweetie. I got teary eyed like a idiot standing up there witnessing them finally tie the knot.

She was there for the birth of my son and followed my son and husband when they couldn't get him to breath right. I still can picture him purple but I knew that she wouldn't lie to me if I needed answers. That is how she is, BLUNT. My daughter has her name as her middle name. Except we spell it better. *wink*

We have been through our ups and downs always knowing the other would be there to catch us if we fell. To brush us off and push us forward again. She was the only friend that stuck with me when I moved and I will never ever forget that. Hell, she drove up to help move me back home.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that through out our friendship, it was her that kept me sane. When I became a biotch, she knocked me down a peg or two. I never got mad at her because I knew that she meant well. I love her as if she was my blood sister and will always always do anything in my power for her because she would do the same.

I LOVE you Mickie!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Writing a love scene

As some of you may know, I am trying to write my first book ever. I was doing really well there for a while. Than I hit a wall where nothing would come out of my fingers no matter how hard I tried.

Well after life got in the way, I stopped for a few months and am slowly getting back to it. I have some days still where I just walk by the computer, look at it and walk away. It probably thinks I am having an affair with the microwave.

The last few days I have found a groove and things started to flow again. I was doing really well too or at least I thought I was. I would type up scenes and send them to a friend of mine who would either ya or nay what I had written. I sometimes listened and sometimes didn't. Hey, if I feel strongly about something then I fight for it! lol

The other person I would send it to would me my mother. It was going really good too. When I was stuck on the couch after back surgery we went through ideas and actually wrote a scene together. Poor Allie got popped in the face. She needs to learn how to duck.

Anyhoo, now I am at the part where the two characters want to get it on and I can't write this knowing that my mother will read it. I know that sounds weird or even stupid but I keep seeing her reading it and falling over because it is just too much. Ya what ever.

So I bit the bullet and started it today. I got through them kissing and getting kind of heavy. Then you have the part in the story where the two people want one another and should I or shouldn't I?

So now it is time to get down to business. He has her naked and he is just waiting. This is my problem, do I do the skim over where they are kissing and hugging each other and then all of a sudden it is the next morning? The sun is shinning and the birds are singing. He looks at her and says that that extra few pounds makes her look beautiful. They say I love you and start talking about marriage. *PUKE*

Or do you give everything a different name. You don't actually come out and say what that appendage is, but give a really goofy name. I don't know about you but I kind want to know at least a little bit of what they are doing. I don't want to have sit there and figure out what they are talking about. *EWWA*

Well, that leaves us in the middle so to speak. I guess some where in the middle of skim sex and extreme. But where is that fine line? I guess I have suck it up and just do it. I don't know how these other writers do it. lol

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Give me strength!!!

Have you ever got out of bed and wondered why the hell you did? That was me this morning. My two beautiful but evil children thought that since they were up at 4 that everyone else should be too.

I wouldn't have been so mad, even though the only people that should be up at that time are vampires, but they were screaming at each other at the top of their evil lungs! I tried to muffle the sound with my pillow but all I did was make it harder to breath. Yes I thought of it but no I didn't because who would do the laundry,cooking, cleaning, shopping and accounting?? Ya, that is why.

So I get up, let the dogs out to go potty because the kids can't remember that simple task. God forbid! I walk like a zombie to the kitchen and press the start button for coffee. For some reason when I went to go buy a coffee maker while on with drawls, I didn't get one with a timer. Mom without coffee is a scary mom. Ask my son because he has seen first hand.

I give my son his medicine and send both children to the appropriate room. Do they stay where I put them?? Hell no! So it is obvious that my day has started a bit to early for my taste. Might as well make the best of it.

After letting the dogs back in from going potty, good dogs, you sure are! I gave them their treats for doing their business outside and not inside. I feed the screaming cats because like the dogs, the kids couldn't do that either. Can you feel the love?? I figured that them trying to crawl up my leg was a good indication that they were hungry.

A few hours go by and I have had my 2 BIG cups of coffee. We are sitting on the couch watching "Dirty Jobs" (that man is HOT HOT HOT) when I look over at my daughter (who is only quiet when she is sleeping) is falling asleep on me. Oh hell no! It's 8 and my kids are falling asleep. *whining!*

So both my kids are asleep and I am on the couch wide awake because of those BIG cups of coffee. Life is so unfair!

Friday, November 2, 2007

PanCan and Ebay combine forces.

Since November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, I am going to donate all sales to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan). I am doing this to remember my Grandma who lost her fight on September 9th, 2007.


If you just want to make a one time donation, then go to their web site at http://www.pancan.org/

They even have store where you can buy bracelets, pens, t-shirts and more to help raise money.

Every little bit counts.

Get your workplace, family and friends to wear purple on November 15th as part of our Picture Your World Purple campaign.

Thank you for helping to spread the word.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.As most of you know I lost my grandmother to Pancreatic Cancer on September 9th 2007.
Did you know that Pancreatic Cancer:
- Is still the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.
* In America, one in three women, and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.
It is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death among 40-59 year old men.
Approximately 37,170 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year in the United States and 33,370 people will die from it. The number of Americans diagnosed each year of pancreatic cancer continues to rise unlike other leading cancers where an investment in early detection has led to a decrease in cancer incidences.
For all stages of pancreatic cancer combined, the five year survival rate is only 5%; the lowest survival rate of all major cancers.
The average life expectancy after diagnosis with metastatic disease is just 3-6 months. 52% of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with metastatic.
Pancreatic cancer affects both men and women of all races and varying ages. Men are 20% more likely to develop cancer of the pancreas than women. African Americans are 40-50% more likely to develop cancer of the pancreas than Caucasians.
- Receives the least amount of Federal research dollars among all leading cancers.
* In 2006, an estimated $66.7 million dollars of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) cancer research investment was spent on pancreatic cancer research. This is just 1% of the NCI’s $4.8 billion dollar cancer research budget for 2006.
The country’s investment in cancer research over the last 20 years has led to a slight drop in 2006 in overall deaths due to cancer. This fact illustrates that our investment in cancer research is moving science forward in the most common cancers. However, the lack of progress in pancreatic cancer proves that we must continue to make federal funding of cancer research a priority.
- Gets little public attention.
* What does public awareness mean to the pancreatic cancer community? Raising awareness can move federal research dollars and change public policy. It can lead to more funds raised for research and patient services.
I ask you, my friends to help spread awareness. Every little bit helps. Help educate your loved ones and cherish all the time that you have with them. You never know when the end may come.
For more information on Pancreatic Cancer or how to donate, please check the following web site : http://www.pancan.org/