Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Never judge a book by it's cover....

You know how I have been trying different authors since I joined the JMBB? Well, I have found some hits and sadly some misses too.

After listening to Kelli talk about this baseball series, I finally gave it a try. Just know that I have never ever seen a game or even know what all that mumbo jumbo means.

I loved it! It was funny, sad, romantic and steamy. I was surprised that I like it so much.

Squeeze play starts the series off with Risk (Richard) Kincaid and Jacy Grayson. They have know each other for years. Risk helps her get over heart breaks with her boyfriends.

There is also a secondary story with Zen Driscoll and Stevie (Stephanie) Cole. Both are baseball trivia pros. Stevie is in love with Aaron Grayson the hometown boy.

Plus add 3 more baseball players known as the bat pack. You have nudist named Psycho (Cody) McMillan, a ladies man Romeo (Jesse) Bellisaro and the boy next door Chase Tallan.

There is a golf scene that almost made me pee my pants because I was laughing so hard.

The second book in the series is Curveball. It takes up 5 years after Squeeze play left off. It takes the 3 men in the bat pack into a bit of romance and pairs them with just the right woman.

Kate Angell's third book should be out next year sometime and I have added it to my wish list. It seems to never end.