Saturday, October 27, 2007

A raffle to win a editor!

Hi ladies! I belong to Myspace and was given this bulletin from another author. I know there are couple of us who are writing or trying to write something and thought that not only could it help you but also help a fellow writer get back on her feet.

A fellow romance author, Dawn Thompson, has been laid up in the hospital for quite a while with illness and complications resulting from that illness. Needless to say, her hospital bills are astronomical. In order to help her out, the very generous Deborah Macgillivray has teamed up with some equally generous editors to raffle off some great opportunities for unpublished authors! Here are the basics from Deborah. Please visit her blog for all the juicy details! And good luck to those of you who enter!!! Now here's the good news from Deborah!

I am raffling off editors!!!

Listen up!!

Tired of submitting to slush piles and getting rejected before the editors even see it?

Want a chance to get your book before a print editor??? Want a guaranteed that the editor actually reads it? You don't ever get that request for a FULL manuscript??

Well here is your chance!!

Win a chance to have your completed or nearly completed manuscript read and receive a one page critique from Hilary Sares Kensington editor (Debut, Brava, Approdisia lines) YES!!!!

FIFTEEN people will win this amazing opportunity.

Yes, 15 people will have their full or nearly completed manuscripts read and will receive a one page critique from editor Hilary Sares.

How do you win this amazing chance??

RAFFLE -- $100 per entry. Enter as many times as you want. (All money is going to a worthy cause)

~~~~~~~~~ Rules: ~~~~~~~~~
You may enter as many times as you want at $100 a "ticket".The more times you enter, the better your chances are. Winners will be randomly selected from a drawing of names on December 21st, 2007.

~~~~~~~~ What do you get? ~~~~~~~~
15 people with completed or nearly completed manuscripts (Any genre!) will have their manuscript read by Hilary Sares. (Impress her and she could even want to buy you~~ if you are what she's looking for!)
All 15 will get a one page critique of their manuscript.But that is not all....RUNNERS up will get....2nd place Runners up.... (#16 and #17 winners)

Chris Keeslar Senior Editor, Dorchester Publishing (Leisure Books and Love Spell) ~~ will read and critique 100 pages ~~you get to put a proposal of 100 pages before Dorchester's editor, and receive 1 page critique.
Again, he will consider buying if you impress him! (Historical Romances, Magna, Contemporary, Paranormal)

Leah Hultenschmidt Editor for Dorchester Publishing(Leisure Books and Love Spell)~~ will read and critique a 100 pages ~! You get to put a proposal of 100 pages before Dorchester's editor, and receive 1 page critique. Again, she will consider buying if you impress her! (Historical Romances, Contemporary, Paranormal) 3rd place Runner up (#18, #19, #20 and #21 winners)

Leanne Burroughs Publisher/Editor of Highland Press, will read and critique 4 full manuscripts -the publisher/owner o fHighland Press will read and give each a 1 page critique. Again, she will consider buying. (Historical Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary,Mainstreams YA, Childrens)Trade size PRINT Books

Details....The raffle runs through midnight EST December 15, 2007.

The random drawing will be held on: December 21, 2007 so 21 people will have a very Merry Christmas!!! Winners will be notified by phone and email on that day.

All monies raised go to help author Dawn Thompson's hospital and medical bills. Dawn recently had a bad fall. She is a new writer so has to wait for nearly a year or more to start receiving her royalties. She doesn't have family to help her and has a lot of needs not being covered by her insurance. Money will go to help her pay for medicine not covered, and other needs arising from her recovery.

All drawings will be final. No Refunds. Any questions about the contest email Deborah Macgillivray Kensington, Dorchester, & Highland Press author

To enter Name:
email address (Working email addy for you will be billed $100 through Paypal):
Pen name, if any:
Your full address:
Your Phone number:
The Title of your manuscript:
The genre of your manuscript:
Is your manuscript completed? Yes NO If no - expected completion date

Once your email application is received you will be sent a "ticket" bill through Paypal at $100.00 for each entry.You pay enter has many times as you want to increase your odds.

You will be helping a fellow writer get back on her feet after trauma, and you finally get that GUARANTEED chance to be read by some top print editors.

I got this message earlier today and wanted to let you all know. I don't know about you but I am going to try it. So if you do try it by either entering with the fee or this other one by Joy Nash, I wish you good luck. Then we can say we knew when.

Hey, could you post this around, too??

Dorchester author, Joy Nash, is running a raffle of her own, where someone can win a chance in my raffle. This helps those unable to afford the $100 ticket price and gives them a chance, too!!

Everybody, please let anyone interested in Deborah's editor raffle that to help the cause, I'm sponsoring a contest through Nov 30 - the prize is one $100 entry fee in Deborah's raffle to help Dawn Thompson. Details are on my blog at
IMMORTALS: THE AWAKENING a USA Today Bestseller DEEP MAGIC: Druids of Avalon #2 January 2008
THE GRAIL KING: Druids of Avalon #1 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award


Anonymous said...

Did you enter yet?

Katie Bug said...

Yes I did. Am I scared and excited? Yup. Do I feel like I am going to throw up? Yup.

At least I can say I tried.