Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Review for Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

I was able to read and review Paula Quinn's latest release, Ravished by a Highlander which releases next month. I fell in love with Robert and Davina and I know you will too. Below s the blurb from Ravished by a Highlander and my review.

Davina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady. For her own protection, she’s been locked away from society, her true identity the Crown’s most closely guarded secret. Until a shocking betrayal—and a bold rescue—land her in the arms of a fierce Highlander, a powerful warrior whose searing gaze and tantalizing touch awaken her body and soul.

As the firstborn son of a powerful Scottish laird, Robert MacGregor has no loyalty to the English throne, but he’s not the kind of man to leave a woman in distress, even if she is English. He vows to deliver Davina to safety, unharmed and untouched. Yet one stolen kiss leaves them both smoldering with desire… and desperate for more. With Davina’s secret threatening to destroy his clan, Rob must choose between everything he holds dear and the one woman he can’t live without.

Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
Book #1 in The Children Of The Mist series
April 2010

Davina Montgomery has been in hiding for most of her life in an abbey called St. Christophers because of a royal secret. The nuns and a small army have been guarding her for as long as she can remember. Her life has never been her own because of a father she has never met. The abbey is burned to the ground by men who want her dead. Now, because of her secret innocent men and woman have died keeping her and her secret safe.

Robert MacGregor is the first born son of the Clan Chief of the MacGregors of Skye. Robert knows his father but his life has also never been his own. He has been raised to take over after his father passes so his life has revolved around the clan and its security.

Davina watches as the family she ever known is killed because of her. Edward Asher, the captain of the army that has been in charge of protecting her can’t hold out much longer against the soldiers meant to kill her. Robert is heading to England for King James coronation when he and his fellow highlanders come upon the devastation. Edward begs Robert to take her and keep her safe but won’t tell him why. Robert rescues her and promises to keep her safe but how can he when others have died trying? Both are duty bound to a life that has been chosen for them by birth but neither Robert nor Davina imagine their hearts would rule instead.

Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn was an absolute roller coaster ride of emotions. Ravished is the first in the Children of the Mist series and what a great beginning it is too. Davina is a lady but is so much stronger than she looks. Living in the Abbey for all of those years can’t hide the maturity in her eyes. Her life has always been in danger and secretive but she has never let go of her dream of a real family. Robert is amazed by the small woman and how she puts herself before others time and time again. The more time they spend with each other the more they want to give up everything for a chance to make their own decisions even if it means a death sentence.