Friday, October 26, 2007

When authors write you back

Have you ever written your favorite author or even a new one that just made you say, "Wow"? I have and most of the time I get answers. It may not be right away but they do.
Most send emails that are written by them and not some automatic email that gets sent out. This makes even more special.

I have written and received answer back from are:

Deidre Martin

Jenna Peterson ~ She has even sent me a autographed book when she found out I was to have back surgery. She is a sweetheart and even answers those nagging writing questions of mine.

Toni Blake aka Lacey Alexander ~ She sent me a add on Myspace so I allowed it. She then emails me thank you afterwards. She is very nice too.

Christina Dodd ~ She is wonderful in person and through email. Love her!

Farrah Rochon ~ I have two autographed books of hers and I might add, a autographed t-shirt. *go buy her book, NOW!*

Kate Angell ~ I emailed her tonight and she wrote back to me within 5 minutes. She offered to send a book as well.

Victoria Dahl ~ I found her through Farrah and her Blog. She also answers her own emails and is just as sweet as they come.

JR Ward ~ She is too busy to answer hers but I met her in Dallas for the RWA this last July. She is so nice in person. She found out that I was having a friend wait in line for me because of my back. She came around the table and gave me, me a hug.

Deidre Knight

Michelle Rowen

Julie Anne Long

Kelly St John

Annette Blake

So go email your favorite or new author and let them know that you enjoyed that book. According to one author, they don't get much fan mail.


TaraMetBlog said...

Very cool, the authors that I've written never got back to me.

Farrah Rochon rules!