Monday, October 22, 2007

Grandma Anne

My Grandma had been disgnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. When she first told me, she kept telling me that it was ok and she had lived her life. I felt selfish that I didn't want to let her go. She had promised to see my son graduate from high school.

She went through chemo and was so optimistic about it. Sadly pancreatic cancer has no cure and is extremely painful.

She had been joking around telling me that she wanted a wig for when her hair fell out. She wanted it bright red. So then I promised her that when she needed it, I would cut my hair for her to make a wig. I said this not knowing that it takes up to 5 pony tails or more for a small wig.

I did keep my promise to her. I went and had 10 inches cut off of my hair and donated it to a charity that makes wigs for children with diseases that cause their hair to fall out. My Grandma loved children very much. I thought this way she could help through me in a way.

She lost her battle on September 9th, 2007. I think it is ironic that it was on Grandparents day. She was to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary with my Grandpa in November.

Anne was a true lady. She was a Mother, a Grandmother and a Great Grandmother.

The best memories I have of her are from my childhood. I remember staying the night at Grandma's and Grandpa's. My cousin and I would be playing Barbies on the floor while they watched Lawrence Welk on TV.

I remember staying the night at Grandma's and Grandpa's. My cousin and I would share the twin beds in the front bedroom. Each time you moved, you could hear the plastic crinkle.

I remember watching Grandma doing those exercises with the ropes. I got scared at first until she told me what they were for. If I remember correctly, they didn't last long.

I remember sitting with her in her sewing room while we went through her buttons. To me they were just buttons made out of plastic or metal. To her they were memories of people, places and events from her life. I wish I would have known then so I could have listened more.

I remember the first time that Grandma met my husband. Once she found out that he had been an alter boy it was over. She loved him after that. I kept trying to figure out what was wrong with him since everyone liked him.

I remember the day I got married to my husband. It was a little tiny wedding chapel. Grandpa walked me down the aisle and Grandma in her green dress.

I remember the roast beef dinners with the specials carrots she would make. After everyone finished eating, Grandma and Grandpa had to argue about how the dishwasher was loaded. I find myself doing that same argument with my husband.

I remember the look on her face as she held my children for the first time. We sat in the her kitchen and I swear that my son smiled at her. Maybe it was because she called him her Valentine.

I remember how happy she was when she found out that my daughter was coming. She gave me the book about why girls are special. I have it in my daughters room and will read it to her when she is old enough to understand.
I remember how we both had to look out the window at each others houses before we could go to sleep. She told me that even after we moved she still did it. I had to admit that I did to. I think I always will and think of her. I miss the gate in the fence that you could pass through to each others yard. I loved living next door to them.

I remember the last time I saw her. We had finished packing the cars for our move to Florida. She had come over that morning to say good bye to all of us. She stood in the driveway while we drove off. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I remember a lot of things about her. The most important thing I remember is that I love her and I will always miss her.

I will always miss you Grandma. Please watch my kids as they get older and nudge them in the right direction. I love you!