Thursday, June 25, 2009

Caribbean Splendor by Tracy L. Ranson *Excerpt*

Caribbean Splendor by Tracy L. Ranson
Historical Romance
Published by Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Love and danger collide when the mysterious pirate Raven arrives in Martinique five years out of Blaze Montgomery’s past. It was the last thing she had expected, especially since the brutal murder of her first husband.

Raven draws her back into his seductive web of desire, pulling her from the comfortable arms of the stable Justin Blackmore, whom she had married to keep her from facing destitution. Would she be willing to trade the comfort and caring she has known with Justin for the wild sexuality of Raven?


Blaze awoke and stretched with slow grace. How long had she been asleep? She wasn’t sure. All she knew the ground was hard and unforgiving, its profound earthy smell mingling with the musky sweet scent of their lovemaking. She inhaled deeply. That was one aroma she wasn’t going to forget as long as she lived.

Raven moved slightly, turned over onto his back and took her into his arms. “Are you awake, mon amie?” he asked sleepily.

“Aye,” she murmured, her fingers tracing lazy patterns on his bare chest. “Now that I’ve given myself to you, I am yours totally.” Without warning, he grew tense and stiff. “Is there something wrong?” Her heart banged in her throat. Did she say something wrong?

“Nay, my sweet.” He moved to sit up. “You caught me unaware ’tis all.”

“I will go anywhere you ask, my love.” She stroked his arm. Rope like muscle resided there, hard and unyielding. “I belong only to you.”

He let out a resigned sigh. “You do not know what you are saying, ma cherie. If you come away with me, it means that you will never see your family ever again.”

“I know what it means,” she said, continuing to touch his velvety flesh. “From the moment I kissed you and you made love to me, I became yours. It has never been any other way.”
Without a word, Raven got to his feet and started dressing.

Blaze was stunned. Was this the action of a man who had just been told that a woman loved him with all her heart? “Did I upset you?”

The distant, quick shuffle of his breeches as he drew them on along with his shirt filled the dank cave. She froze. Was he going to answer her question or leave her here to find her own way out?

“Since you have given me such a wonderful gift, I’m not wasting it,” he said triumphantly. Rustles of silk as he moved to get his boots accompanied his movements. “I’m going to leave for a while, but I will return. Can I trust you not to run away? To wait for me?”

She propped herself up on an elbow and clutched his arm. “Where are you going?”

Raven tamped his feet into his boots, the hard thud resounding through the cavern. “You will have to trust me.”

“How will I know you’ll be back?”

He knelt next to her and took her hands into his gloved ones, laying her naked palm on his bare chest through the open vee of his shirt. “This tells you,” he said in a gentle voice. “This beats only for you. Will you stay?”

“Without question.”

With that assurance, he possessed her lips with a fierce abandon then left her, threading his way through the formations that she had bumped into from time to time.

Blaze lay back as a smile crossed her lips. Finally, the passion she had dreamed about all her life was to be hers. To hell with her father. Her grin widened. To hell with Daniel, too.