Thursday, June 18, 2009

Subtle Invasion by Lynn Crain

Subtle Invasion by Lynn Crain
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The table was metal and very cold. Melinda gasped at the coldness surrounding her. Don't they realize people can't function in a room this cold? She thought, hesitated before opening her eyes even though they felt as if they had lead in them to keep them shut.

Bright, much too bright. This could blind me.

Squinting, she scanned the room. The outlines were vague and indistinct in the harsh, cold light. Something sensed her discomfort and the brightness receded. Opening her eyes more, Melinda tried to keep her wits about her. The room was too new, too sterile to be a local hospital.

A single tear fell onto her cheek. Why is this happening to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? she thought. Still part of her wry humor was intact. Except marry Frank. The reality of the situation had to be dealt with soon. She could almost hear her blood freeze.

Not long after, she began to shake from the cold. At least the blood would keep flowing for a while longer. Finally, brave enough to look at something more than the ceiling, she began to scan the room for an exit. The walls were smooth throughout, nothing resembled a door. Melinda started wiggling her toes to promote circulation, trying to decide if she should make a run for it or not. She felt her fate was already sealed, whatever it may be, even if she did run.

An almost undetectable sound penetrated her cold daze. Slowly, she turned in the direction from which it appeared to be coming. Any expression she might have had was frozen on her face as the alien walked through the door. It appeared startled by her scream.

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