Thursday, May 27, 2010

AC Katt is my special guest on my blog and my yahoo loop!

Hello everyone. I’d like to thank Katie Bug, the Domestic Diva for giving me the opportunity to both blog and chat with you today. My name is AC Katt and I write m/m (GLBT) romance. I currently have two books in print with a new release coming in late June.

Eternal Press published my first book, The Sarran Plague. It was released in April of 2009, and to my surprise, was a finalist for an Epic Award. It is a Science Fiction ménage a trois. I am in the midst of writing a sequel, here is a sneak peek. Remember, this is a work in progress, any errors are mine and mine alone.

Living with Syn
A small blond head pressed against the transparent viewer of the private ground transport, or PGT.

He wiggled and turned toward the distinguished, dark haired Sarran Elder who sat across from him. The impish face, imprinted by the viewing window, was scrunched-up and ready. He knew his son. The inquisition was about to begin.

"Zadda, Are we there yet. It’s taking too long. Poppie and the mommy are going to worry."
"I explained this to you, cub. Poppie has things that must travel home in the PGT. Unless you wish to go home without him, we cannot teleport to Ulna. It would also scare the new fems who have no idea how advanced our psi has become. It would also put us at risk, if our enemies discerned PsiOps Secrets."

"How can we lie to the fems, Zadda? How can you Bond with a lie in you?"

Nafer, will you please define your terms. Zadda has no notion of what the word mommie signifies.

"Zadda," Nafer whined, "I've told you so many times, it is like fem, but more. They make things called cookies with chocolate chips and you sit in front of the tube with the kitty on your lap, and eat cookies and drink milk. The mommie makes you lunch in a lunchbox with a Warrior who is a spider. She plays chess, poker and gin rummy. She knows how to hit a ball with a big slab of wood— and then you run fast so you don't make an out. She understands everything, but she does not know she does. We need the mommie and the mommie needs us."

That was a long speech for his son and he had expended much effort in trying to explain to Bron what was apparently something best understood by experience. Bron knew this had something to do with the Earthen fems, yet he was uncomfortable with the wealth of potential of this word mommie. He and Zarron had barely found themselves again. To BondStir a second time was almost unheard of in the canons of the Sarran Codex. However, a man could fall into a large laptard pit ignoring the space between the words almost and never.

"Naffie, we will tell the fems the truth of the Sarran psi legacy once they bond. However, we cannot afford to hand our enemies knowledge that we worked for millennia to conceal. People fear what they do not understand. The other council planets developed bio-machinery, genetic slicing and genetic re-coding. After the initial incident that caused two thousand or more years of war, we vowed to use only natural methods to enhance our abilities. We have kept that promise up until we lost our fems.

We slightly modified the Earthen fems to accept our seed when they received the antidote. It was deliberate, yes, but it was also ethical. If we did not give them the modification with the antidote, the vaccine would have failed. Their whole planet would have been as ours and two humanoid civilizations would be devoid of fems. Yet we cannot let them feel pushed."

Nafer bounced. "Zadda, that’s bullshit. The paradigm has changed."

"What is this bullshit, offspring?"

"Something Mommie says is shoveled at her by most of her male acquaintance."

My second novel was released by XOXO Publishing in April of 2010.
A Matter of Trust
A Matter of Trust is a GLBT, BDSM story.

Blurb: Donald “Bear” Drummond has everything, a real estate empire, partnership in a an elite BDS&M club an status as a Master Dominant. What he doesn’t have is love and trust. Can he find it in the troubled Brian, who stumbles into his office from the mailroom?

Excerpt: In slow degrees, the tow-headed boy woke up on the hard floor. A faint moan, an eyelid twitch, a soft flutter of pale lashes, and then a blue eye opened face-to-antenna with a cockroach. The Sears Tough skin jeans he opened as his birthday gift two days ago felt wet around the crotch and smelled of both urine and feces. His new plaid shirt with the pearl cowboy buttons was torn and bloody. He swallowed hard, past the dry lump t he size of a baseball stuck in the back of his throat. He opened his left eye, the one nearest to the bug. It looked as if his bone stuck out of his shirt, a handhold under his elbow, the right arm bent at an unnatural angle just below the tear.

It took a few additional seconds for the pain to hit, long enough for him to realize he did not know how he got here or why. Then, it struck, shock abated. He hurt, bad. Even so, he knew enough not to cry out. He heard Mama pounding on the door of the bathroom and Aunt Mary in the distance, along with the whine of sirens. Then the pain took him away, and he rode it back to safety.

My newest and yet to be released novel is from Captiva Press.
Shattered Glass

Blurb:Milo Stamis of mega band, Shattered Glass must write one last song with former lover and lead singer, Liam O’Shea six years after the dissolution of the band. Can they overcome a stalker and the lies that separated them?

Lyrics from the theme song of Shattered Glass: Lover’s Suite
Turn around look at the view
Know that I’m in love with you,
Waiting for the time you see
That you can be in love with me

It’s way too early to feel this way
But I need you to let me stay
Until the day you see me
The lover who will set you free

And then we can begin
The process where you let me in
To your heart. The day you start
To see the light within my heart
For only you my passion true

My lover and friend
I’m yours till the end
Of time, or eternity
What a night bright with heat
When our bodies finally meet

I will sing this song to you
And finally you will know
That I love you so
And I’ll never let you go
Too far away from me.

I look forward to meeting everyone tonight. All of my books and buy buttons are on my website at While you are there, leave a comment for a chance at a Tee Shirt and other goodies!
AC Katt