Friday, March 19, 2010

BLOOD WILL FREEZE by Tony-Paul de Vissage

BLOOD WILL FREEZE: A cautionary tale to cause further anxiety among those worried about the arrival of 2010.

It is July, 4012.

A summer exactly two thousand years after a comet crashed into the Earth, ironically in the year the Mayan calendar ends…2012. Out of the ensuing chaos, there are two types of survivors, humans—not so many of them but enough—and the Undead—ejected from their coffins deep within the Earth to a world frozen and gray. A world where the sun never shines and vampires may walk during daylight hours.

It doesn’t take long for the Undead to inherit the Earth. They now reign, fighting among themselves for the continents, dividing them to the strongest. Now, only two remain, Alixandra, empress of North and South America and a little more inhumane in her treatment of her mortal slaves, and Celadon, lord of Europe and Asia, deadly, unscrupulous, and a sociopath par excellence, murdering his way to the top of the nosferatic food-chain. Once lovers, these two are now bitter enemies, engaged in a struggle for ownership of the planet and its few surviving humans, their rapidly-dwindling food source. Alix takes her people to Mt. St. Helens, building a tower inside the volcano’s buried cone; there the heat will keep her little herd of mortals alive, With the aid of Michael, her virginal, mortal steward, only one of six children born in the last twenty-five years, Alix awaits Celadon’s attack. Alix trusts Michael; she also lusts after him, but the young man has the ability to ignore her enticements. He alone is free from mental slavery, because Michael is a Freeley, one of the rare human mutations born immune to the vampire’s enticements.

From the seed of Michael’s free will, rebellion has taken root. Yes, Michael is readying his people for the coming attack, assuring his Undead mistress of victory but it will be a victory neither Alix nor Celadon nor even Michael himself expects.

Blood will Freeze appeared in the February, 2009, issue of Sounds of the Night Magazine. It is available at

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