Monday, February 22, 2010


One of my favorite authors has come up with a wonderful idea! So many people are losing their homes these days. Lorie O'Clare has started a fundraiser to help those that have found themselves in that situation. Help Lorie give others their HAPPY EVER AFTER!

HEA is a fund raiser program I’ve started (along with my accountant to make sure I do it right) to help those who are facing foreclosure. Recently I’ve heard the stories from a few good friends, people who have always worked hard, who have good kids, and who have put their sweat and blood into their homes over the years to make it nice for them. Times are hard. The programs available for those facing losing their homes don’t work for everyone. Please keep reading to learn how you can help!

Let’s do what we can to keep the HEA in our lives and ensure it always means HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Many out there are in the same boat. Quite a few of those facing losing the home they’ve raised their children in, have loved and fought in, are too proud to admit they need help.
Will you help those who would leap to help you in a second? Offer a donation or buy a book, or several books. All money goes to help HEA!

Click on the home above to save it! Authors learn how you can donate. Readers learn how you can donate!

One way you can help is to donate cash. All donations are fully tax deductible. Donate any amount you wish. 100% of donations will go to help keep a family in their home.


Anonymous said...

No offense but how can we be sure the monies collected go to the people in need? Who determines who gets help? Is a Non-Profit set up? With so many scams that pop up in time of need, how do we know this is not another one?

Inquiring Mind

Lorie O'Clare said...

Hi Inquiring Minds,
That's a good question and one I've been trying to figure out how to best show on the HEA site that it is legitimate. So far $75 has been gathered. It's sitting in that account waiting for other monies to be added.
As for who is chosen for help. The two conversations transcribed on the site are real. I'm not sure I'll be able to raise enough money to help either one of them. But I do ask on the site if someone is in need for help.
I'm trying to talk one of the two people mentioned on the HEA site to allow me to use at least her first name and the state she is in. She's so humiliated by all of this she is hesitating to allow me to post her name. I had thought about putting fake names next to their testimonies but then worried people would think what you're thinking right now, if their names are fake how do we know they exist at all?
I guess right now, Inquiring Minds, the best I can offer you is that I'm Lorie O'Clare. There are many people in our reader and writer community who have met me in person at conventions and signings. There are quite a few authors who would vouch for my character and many readers as well. I'm pretty much honest to a fault.
If there is a way you, or anyone, can think of to help make HEA appear more legitimate (I put it on my website instead of giving it its own website to show it was directly related to me, hoping that would help validate it)I'm very open to ideas and suggestions.
I firmly believe in karma. What comes around goes around. There will be a time when I'm in need of a helping hand, so while I can, I will extend that hand to others in their time of need.
Thanks for asking. That was a very good question!