Thursday, June 18, 2009

My interview with Lynn Crain

1.Did you always know that you wanted to be an author or did you have another dream?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer when I first had a poem published at age twelve. But I came from a family where you take a career that can support you first then you can work on getting that dream job.

2.How long did you write until you were finally published?

Between the time I had my first poem published and my first non-fiction article was about 25 years. I continued to have the occasional non-fiction piece published but wasn’t published in fiction until late 2005. Since then I’ve had 14 pieces published and am contracted for another 16 more. So in total, it took me 36 years to be published in fiction.

3.When you sit down to write, is there a ritual you have to do before you start?

Not really. I do make sure I have plenty of water before I open my current WIP. I also read the last thing I’ve done and check my progress excel file. BUT I’m not consistent in doing those things at all. Sometimes, I just sit down and start.

4.Do you plan the story out or just let it flow?

Depends upon the story. The majority of the time, I’m a pantser. HOWEVER, it the story is huge, like my upcoming Protectors series, I will sit down and have a basic plan for each story because I have to know the world intimately before I actually write one word. In that series, I planned the characters, the setting and how each story would entwine itself with the others before I wrote one word. With my Orchid series, I knew where I wanted to start and where it needed to end and other than the title and the characters, I knew nothing else.

5.Now to your wonderful books *BG*. Do you have a current list of releases and where they can be found?

There are a lot, so be prepared…LOL!
eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies
Violet Visions (print)

Atlantis Allure (print)

Sanguinary Seductions (print)

Santa’s Elves Series (print - 1st Three books)
The View From Santa’s Sleigh (ebook)
The Thing About Elves (ebook)
An Elf’s Desire (ebook)
A Love For Eggther (ebook)
An Elf’s Magic (ebook)

Shopping Spree (ebook)

Captive Illusions
Iain and Kelsey (ebook)

Fluke (ebook)
Subtle Invasion (ebook)

Whiskey Creek Press
Summer Solstice

Loose Id
Blue Moon Magic Series – Book 4 – Night of the Blue Moon

6.Do you have any WIP that you might want to share with us?

There are two I would love to share with you. The first is the second book in my Orchid series which started with Fluke titled More Than Robotics. It’s about a space ship captain who has some tough choices to make to ensure the safety of her crew, her ship and her world. She’s helped along by a man sent to protect her from the enemy. It’s fast paced and has some new and different things in it.
The second is my first book in my Protectors series, Of Earth and Fire. These stories are contemporary and set in Nevada. All the main characters have special paranormal abilities given to them by a technologic reason. It’s a total cross between paranormal and science fiction. Again, it is fast paced where the heroines are kick-ass women destined to set the world straight.

7.What character is more like your personality or is it a combination of more than one?

All my characters are a combination of a lot of different things. I will say that there is a bit of me in each on of them. A lot of times I can’t see if until the story is done but once its complete, I’ll go back and read it only to find that the heroine has done something in the exact same manner I would have done.

8.Did you decide to write in the paranormal genre or did it choose you?

The one thing I have always done is to write a story I love. I have always told people I write the weird stuff because when I first started writing these stories there was no market for them. I’ve always loved things that were odd and different because I’ve always wanted to be able to explain those phenomena.

While I mainly write paranormal, science fiction or fantasy romance and cross genre pieces, I have my fair share of regular contemporary pieces as well. But I do see myself throwing in more and more of a paranormal slant to things.

Again, I really do think it’s all about the story. As a writer, you’ve got to write the story you love first.

9.When you have a moment to sit down and breathe, what kinds of books do you read?

I read everything I can get my hands on. I love science fiction and fantasy, I love futuristics, I love manga. It’s hard to say what I’ll read next.

10.What author or authors inspire you to write the way you do?

Right now I’m reading Katherine Allred and Linnea Sinclair latest.

11.Do you have any tips for those aspiring authors out there?

The best tips I have are never give up and perseverance because you need those in today’s publishing scene. You have to be flexible and prepared for anything. The only other advice I’d give is to make sure that you have a thick skin. There is no other business, other than acting, where you will be rejected continuously and still be expected to perform admirably. Take it as it comes, grieve at the rejection and then move on…quickly…LOL!

12.Now for the most important question of the day, what color does a Smurf change when you choke it?

Purple…red and blue make purple…LOL!


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