Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tracy L. Ranson

I got the chance to interview Tracy L. Ranson. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.

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1. Did you always want to become and author or did you just fall into it?
Funny you should ask that! My parents knew I would become a writer long before I ever did. When my mom would read to us at night, I’d always tell her what the ending of the story was or it should end that way. Also, I’d also rewrite the endings to all my books because I didn’t like them. I was needless to say an adventurous kid.

2. Did it take you a while to become published? If so, what made you keep going?
It did take a while to get published. I’ve been writing for about twelve years and what kept me going was ambition and perseverance. There are certain things I wanted out of life and I had to keep going to get them. I’ve had more rejections than I’ve had acceptances but my ambition has kept me going.

3. When you sit down to write, is there a ritual you have to do before you start?
There’s no particular ritual. I get myself all set up and ready to go with music. If I have to write a sex scene and I can’t get into it, I go and shower, perfume up and get into my best nightgown. Sometimes, I don’t make it back to my office because my hubby catches me on the way back and I’ll let you figure out the rest.

4. Do you plan the story out or just let it flow?
It all depends. Sometimes I will plot out the entire book before I write and other times, I just sit down and let it all flow.

5. Do you have a current list of releases and where they can be found?
I sure do!
Pirates of the Mist—Bookstrand Publishing
The Warlord’s Woman—Siren Publishing
Bloodborn 1: Prince of Night—Siren Publishing
Viking Seduction—Dark Castle Lords—available June 9th—this book features a well known cover model and personal friend of mine!
Caribbean Splendor—Siren Publishing—coming soon!

6. Do you have any WIP that you might want to share with us?
I am currently working on the first of newest series. The first book is called KNIGHTLY SEDUCTION. Here’s a blurb for it: The room spun, its haunting space unknown. Where was she? Fear filled Tess McLeod as she struggled to remember how she ended up in this strange place. What happened? Her foggy mind burned through the haze in an effort to reconcile her situation. Then, like a memory from a long forgotten dream, the answer rose. She’d been kidnapped on the Millwall docks. All she could remember was the foul smelling cloth pressed over her face…then nothing more.

William Knightly, Duke of Devenleigh, is not a man to be trifled with, especially by his brothers. His business, Riverlark Shipping, is his life’s blood and his true mistress. One night, after much cajoling by his brothers, he decides to join them at Madame Blakely’s brothel for the ‘virgin auction’ He never intends to make a purchase but when Tess is brought to the dais, he reads fear behind her clouded eyes and the barbarian in him rises. He must save her. William bids and wins easily much to the chagrin of the other patrons. After his purchase, he finds this mysterious woman a detriment to everything he knew and trusted.

Tess is headstrong and willing to do anything to get her own shipping company back but not at the price of her virtue. How long can she stand against William’s sweet caresses and his KNIGHTLY SEDUCTION?

7. Considering all of your books that you have written, do you have one that stands out or is your favorite?
I don’t have one particular favorite because each one touched my heart in its own personal way so trying to narrow it down to one book is extremely difficult for me.

8. Did you decide to write in the paranormal genre or did it choose you?
Hmmm, I guess it chose me. I started out in mainly historical but being a big lover of the paranormal, I finally broke down and combined both loves.

9. When you have a moment to sit down and breathe, what do you do to unwind?
What don’t I do….LOL….Cross-stitch, knitting, sewing, painting…etc. My husband has threatened to cut off my hands if I pick up one more hobby!

10. What authors are in your TBR pile?
Oh, there’s so many! Let me start: Phyllis Campbell, Mary Martinez, Cathryn Fox, Regan Taylor, Lori Foster, Catherine Coulter and the list continues on from there.

11. Do you have any tips for those aspiring authors out there?
Don’t quit and keep learning! You can never learn enough about your craft. I’m always continuously taking different courses. I’m always learning something new.

12. Now for the most important question of the day, what color does a Smurf change when you choke it?
Hmmmm, now that’s a tricky one. Almost along the lines of how can you tell a Smurf died from asphyxiation….you can’t!!!!


Raine Delight said...

Great interview Katie and Tracy. Love the new series premise Tracy. What inspires you to create a story idea?

Raine D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy and Katie,

Great interview and loved the excerpt. :)

PRP Manager