Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review of Best Unspoken by Bryl R. Tyne

Best Unspoken by Bryl R.Tyne
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Ebook, 2009
Category: Contemporary, M/M
ISBN: 9781605920344
Grade ~ A

Levi Finley has been in his first real relationship for a little over two years now. His family and friends do not approve of his lover. They think he is controlling or too old for him. Levi knows that if they knew the real Rob Langston, that they would love him as much as he does.

Rob Langston works as a Biomedical Tech. The only time he likes change is when he is in his lab. Rob comes across as a man of few words; in reality he is just terribly shy.

Rob takes Levi out for his 25th birthday to a gentleman’s club. Levi and Rob have an understanding that for birthdays, anything goes. A misunderstanding at the club creates tension in their relationship and Rob drags him out the door. Could Levi’s friends be right about Rob being too controlling or jealous? Who is the real Rob?

I have read, If I Were a Lady… by Bryl Tyne and loved it so when I read Best Unspoken, it was no surprise that I loved this one too. Within the pages, you get a look into the relationship between Levi and Rob. An outgoing Levi plays well against Rob who would rather watch instead of being part of the scene. The two of them together have a relationship that only they can see or understand. Levi shows it with words and Rob with his touch. A spicy read but also a book that still gives you that *sigh* feeling.