Monday, May 18, 2009

My review of A Little Light Magic by Joy Nash

A Little Light Magic
Joy Nash
Dorchester Publishing
June 2009
Category: Magic, Witches, Book Review

Nick Santangelo is the owner of Santangelo Construction. He has a 17 year old daughter who is driving him absolutely nuts with her boy crazy behavior. Nick is also very neat and work oriented.

Victoria (Tori) Morgan has just returned to the Jersey Shore to renovate the house her aunt had left her. She believes in magic, tarot cards and crystals. She is a fly by the seat of your pants type.

Tori had just broken up with her long time boyfriend after having a miscarriage. Now at the age of 30, she decides to open a new age shop called “Destiny’s Gate”. The only thing stopping her is a list of costly repairs. Nick is going to look at a possible job as a favor to his secretary. What he finds is a woman with silver paint on her nose and a flighty attitude towards everything. The place is a mess and she thinks that the job should take a day or two. The reality is far worse than that. Normally he doesn’t do small jobs like this but after meeting her; he can’t help but say yes. Tori believes that the magic candles she had used have brought Nick to her. Nick doesn’t believe in magic and thinks he has just lost his mind.

A Little Light Magic by Joy Nash is defiantly one of those books that when you finish reading it, you have to turn around and start it all over again. Tori and Nick are like oil and vinegar; you have to shake things up to get them to mix. Tori had never had a real family and you are saddened by her past. Nick also had a hard time growing up but he had his family to lean on where Tori did not. Together, Nick and Tori bring out the best parts of each other. The secondary characters lightened the story with humorous dialogue and a great grandma who is a klepto. I really hope that this is not the last time we see the Santangelo’s, especially Johnny.


Joy Nash said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for the review of A Little Light Magic :-)