Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excerpt of Bloodborn 1: Prince of Night by Tracy L. Ranson

Tracy L. Ranson will be here tomorrow! I thought I would give you a peak into one of her books to wet your appetite. :)

Tracy L. Ranson
Bloodborn 1: Prince of Night
Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Reincarnation

Raphael Chamberlin's existence as a vampire held no meaning, until he saw her again. Liz Quartermaine couldn't understand why she was at Inferno, nightclubs weren't her scene. She didn't belong, until the darkly mysterious stranger across the bar captured her attention

Beams of silvery light drifted through her window and cast a grayish light onto the black leather of his pants. His cock grew hard just looking at his Elizabeth lying there asleep like an angel sent from heaven. She lay on her back with her hand against the pillow, her fingers twitching slightly. Luscious lips parted to exude soft breaths, the rise of her breasts almost more than he could stand. Wake up, he willed her silently.


Her eyes snapped open and she twisted her head to look at him. Sparks of recognition floated in the sleep-laden depths of her eyes. "Raphael? What are you doing here?"

Surprise overtook him and he took a step forward. "I have finally found you after all these centuries." He knelt next to the bed and took her hand into his own. She might be remembering him now but perhaps it would be best that he glamour her until she could accept him and love him for what he was. He smothered her hand with kisses. "I love you."

"As I love you, Raphael." Elizabeth pulled his face toward hers. He detected the delicious scent of sleep hovering around her. He was tempted to leave and allow her to imagine this was all a dream on her own but it was far too late for that. His body demanded satisfaction.

Raphael touched her lips briefly, taking the lightest of liberties. He had expected her to be resistant and shy, but she was neither. She opened for him, allowing his tongue to sweep inside. Dear God, she was utterly delicious!

Hungrily, he traveled from her mouth to the nape of her luscious neck. Elizabeth titled her head back all the better to give him access. Her blood beat hard and fast in the nape of her neck, calling to him. He was tempted to turn her right then and there so he could possess her forever but his better senses prevailed. Now was not the time. Not until she knew him for who and what he was and could consent to her transformation.

Sweet heat shimmered from her body in succulent waves as he traveled down to her bountiful tits. Elizabeth moaned softly, adding to the intense heat of his cock. The pressure was almost beyond painful.

Elizabeth's thick nipples turned to taut peaks beneath her silky red peignoir as he brushed his gloved palm over them. Cupping her breasts, he teased the tense points with his leather clad thumbs, massaging them from root to top. Elizabeth moaned and arched against him. Raphael drew in a swift breath. He couldn't stand the agony she infused any longer. Taking the edges of her nightgown, he tore the soft fabric straight down the middle. She gasped as he descended and took a ripened berry between his teeth. He nipped lightly as the pebbled skin popped. Elizabeth buried her hands into his hair and arched against his mouth. She was so sweet and innocent, her maidenhead ripe for his taking again.

Raphael withdrew from her, much to her surprise. "What's wrong?" Her breathing hitched in and out of her chest. An orgasm was extremely close for her. Virgins didn't need much encouragement.

"I can't tell you how much I want to bury my cock in your tight pussy right now."

Her brow quirked up as she spread her legs. The lips of her weeping pussy glistened in the moonlight, inviting him to slip his hard dick inside. He groaned. This was more than any vampire could take. "Fuck me, Raphael, all night long really hard and deep."

His fists curled at his sides as his urges fought to overtake her body. He could take her and heal her, but the fact would remain her maidenhead would still be broken. The corner of his mouth turned up. Even after all these hundreds of years, he still thought in the terms of his day and not the modern one. "As much as I desire you, Elizabeth, I can't, at least not yet. When the time is right, I will take you and fuck you as hard and as long as you wish. For now, there is one thing I can do."

Sliding up the end of the bed, Raphael slipped his arms under her thighs and lifted her hips. Her scent was far sweeter smelling than he remembered. He nearly exploded in his pants, but he managed to quell his emotions. How well that would work in the next few minutes would be the key.

"Yes, Raphael, taste me like you used to."

He grinned. "As you wish."