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Tracy L. Ranson

I got the chance to interview Tracy L. Ranson. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.

For more information about Tracy L. Ranson, see these web sites.

1. Did you always want to become and author or did you just fall into it?
Funny you should ask that! My parents knew I would become a writer long before I ever did. When my mom would read to us at night, I’d always tell her what the ending of the story was or it should end that way. Also, I’d also rewrite the endings to all my books because I didn’t like them. I was needless to say an adventurous kid.

2. Did it take you a while to become published? If so, what made you keep going?
It did take a while to get published. I’ve been writing for about twelve years and what kept me going was ambition and perseverance. There are certain things I wanted out of life and I had to keep going to get them. I’ve had more rejections than I’ve had acceptances but my ambition has kept me going.

3. When you sit down to write, is there a ritual you have to do before you start?
There’s no particular ritual. I get myself all set up and ready to go with music. If I have to write a sex scene and I can’t get into it, I go and shower, perfume up and get into my best nightgown. Sometimes, I don’t make it back to my office because my hubby catches me on the way back and I’ll let you figure out the rest.

4. Do you plan the story out or just let it flow?
It all depends. Sometimes I will plot out the entire book before I write and other times, I just sit down and let it all flow.

5. Do you have a current list of releases and where they can be found?
I sure do!
Pirates of the Mist—Bookstrand Publishing
The Warlord’s Woman—Siren Publishing
Bloodborn 1: Prince of Night—Siren Publishing
Viking Seduction—Dark Castle Lords—available June 9th—this book features a well known cover model and personal friend of mine!
Caribbean Splendor—Siren Publishing—coming soon!

6. Do you have any WIP that you might want to share with us?
I am currently working on the first of newest series. The first book is called KNIGHTLY SEDUCTION. Here’s a blurb for it: The room spun, its haunting space unknown. Where was she? Fear filled Tess McLeod as she struggled to remember how she ended up in this strange place. What happened? Her foggy mind burned through the haze in an effort to reconcile her situation. Then, like a memory from a long forgotten dream, the answer rose. She’d been kidnapped on the Millwall docks. All she could remember was the foul smelling cloth pressed over her face…then nothing more.

William Knightly, Duke of Devenleigh, is not a man to be trifled with, especially by his brothers. His business, Riverlark Shipping, is his life’s blood and his true mistress. One night, after much cajoling by his brothers, he decides to join them at Madame Blakely’s brothel for the ‘virgin auction’ He never intends to make a purchase but when Tess is brought to the dais, he reads fear behind her clouded eyes and the barbarian in him rises. He must save her. William bids and wins easily much to the chagrin of the other patrons. After his purchase, he finds this mysterious woman a detriment to everything he knew and trusted.

Tess is headstrong and willing to do anything to get her own shipping company back but not at the price of her virtue. How long can she stand against William’s sweet caresses and his KNIGHTLY SEDUCTION?

7. Considering all of your books that you have written, do you have one that stands out or is your favorite?
I don’t have one particular favorite because each one touched my heart in its own personal way so trying to narrow it down to one book is extremely difficult for me.

8. Did you decide to write in the paranormal genre or did it choose you?
Hmmm, I guess it chose me. I started out in mainly historical but being a big lover of the paranormal, I finally broke down and combined both loves.

9. When you have a moment to sit down and breathe, what do you do to unwind?
What don’t I do….LOL….Cross-stitch, knitting, sewing, painting…etc. My husband has threatened to cut off my hands if I pick up one more hobby!

10. What authors are in your TBR pile?
Oh, there’s so many! Let me start: Phyllis Campbell, Mary Martinez, Cathryn Fox, Regan Taylor, Lori Foster, Catherine Coulter and the list continues on from there.

11. Do you have any tips for those aspiring authors out there?
Don’t quit and keep learning! You can never learn enough about your craft. I’m always continuously taking different courses. I’m always learning something new.

12. Now for the most important question of the day, what color does a Smurf change when you choke it?
Hmmmm, now that’s a tricky one. Almost along the lines of how can you tell a Smurf died from asphyxiation….you can’t!!!!

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Excerpt of Bloodborn 1: Prince of Night by Tracy L. Ranson

Tracy L. Ranson will be here tomorrow! I thought I would give you a peak into one of her books to wet your appetite. :)

Tracy L. Ranson
Bloodborn 1: Prince of Night
Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Reincarnation

Raphael Chamberlin's existence as a vampire held no meaning, until he saw her again. Liz Quartermaine couldn't understand why she was at Inferno, nightclubs weren't her scene. She didn't belong, until the darkly mysterious stranger across the bar captured her attention

Beams of silvery light drifted through her window and cast a grayish light onto the black leather of his pants. His cock grew hard just looking at his Elizabeth lying there asleep like an angel sent from heaven. She lay on her back with her hand against the pillow, her fingers twitching slightly. Luscious lips parted to exude soft breaths, the rise of her breasts almost more than he could stand. Wake up, he willed her silently.


Her eyes snapped open and she twisted her head to look at him. Sparks of recognition floated in the sleep-laden depths of her eyes. "Raphael? What are you doing here?"

Surprise overtook him and he took a step forward. "I have finally found you after all these centuries." He knelt next to the bed and took her hand into his own. She might be remembering him now but perhaps it would be best that he glamour her until she could accept him and love him for what he was. He smothered her hand with kisses. "I love you."

"As I love you, Raphael." Elizabeth pulled his face toward hers. He detected the delicious scent of sleep hovering around her. He was tempted to leave and allow her to imagine this was all a dream on her own but it was far too late for that. His body demanded satisfaction.

Raphael touched her lips briefly, taking the lightest of liberties. He had expected her to be resistant and shy, but she was neither. She opened for him, allowing his tongue to sweep inside. Dear God, she was utterly delicious!

Hungrily, he traveled from her mouth to the nape of her luscious neck. Elizabeth titled her head back all the better to give him access. Her blood beat hard and fast in the nape of her neck, calling to him. He was tempted to turn her right then and there so he could possess her forever but his better senses prevailed. Now was not the time. Not until she knew him for who and what he was and could consent to her transformation.

Sweet heat shimmered from her body in succulent waves as he traveled down to her bountiful tits. Elizabeth moaned softly, adding to the intense heat of his cock. The pressure was almost beyond painful.

Elizabeth's thick nipples turned to taut peaks beneath her silky red peignoir as he brushed his gloved palm over them. Cupping her breasts, he teased the tense points with his leather clad thumbs, massaging them from root to top. Elizabeth moaned and arched against him. Raphael drew in a swift breath. He couldn't stand the agony she infused any longer. Taking the edges of her nightgown, he tore the soft fabric straight down the middle. She gasped as he descended and took a ripened berry between his teeth. He nipped lightly as the pebbled skin popped. Elizabeth buried her hands into his hair and arched against his mouth. She was so sweet and innocent, her maidenhead ripe for his taking again.

Raphael withdrew from her, much to her surprise. "What's wrong?" Her breathing hitched in and out of her chest. An orgasm was extremely close for her. Virgins didn't need much encouragement.

"I can't tell you how much I want to bury my cock in your tight pussy right now."

Her brow quirked up as she spread her legs. The lips of her weeping pussy glistened in the moonlight, inviting him to slip his hard dick inside. He groaned. This was more than any vampire could take. "Fuck me, Raphael, all night long really hard and deep."

His fists curled at his sides as his urges fought to overtake her body. He could take her and heal her, but the fact would remain her maidenhead would still be broken. The corner of his mouth turned up. Even after all these hundreds of years, he still thought in the terms of his day and not the modern one. "As much as I desire you, Elizabeth, I can't, at least not yet. When the time is right, I will take you and fuck you as hard and as long as you wish. For now, there is one thing I can do."

Sliding up the end of the bed, Raphael slipped his arms under her thighs and lifted her hips. Her scent was far sweeter smelling than he remembered. He nearly exploded in his pants, but he managed to quell his emotions. How well that would work in the next few minutes would be the key.

"Yes, Raphael, taste me like you used to."

He grinned. "As you wish."

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Tracy L Ranson - Rescheduled

Tracy L Ranson was going to be here today for an interview but we have rescheduled her for May 28th. I hope you will stop by.

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My review of A Little Light Magic by Joy Nash

A Little Light Magic
Joy Nash
Dorchester Publishing
June 2009
Category: Magic, Witches, Book Review

Nick Santangelo is the owner of Santangelo Construction. He has a 17 year old daughter who is driving him absolutely nuts with her boy crazy behavior. Nick is also very neat and work oriented.

Victoria (Tori) Morgan has just returned to the Jersey Shore to renovate the house her aunt had left her. She believes in magic, tarot cards and crystals. She is a fly by the seat of your pants type.

Tori had just broken up with her long time boyfriend after having a miscarriage. Now at the age of 30, she decides to open a new age shop called “Destiny’s Gate”. The only thing stopping her is a list of costly repairs. Nick is going to look at a possible job as a favor to his secretary. What he finds is a woman with silver paint on her nose and a flighty attitude towards everything. The place is a mess and she thinks that the job should take a day or two. The reality is far worse than that. Normally he doesn’t do small jobs like this but after meeting her; he can’t help but say yes. Tori believes that the magic candles she had used have brought Nick to her. Nick doesn’t believe in magic and thinks he has just lost his mind.

A Little Light Magic by Joy Nash is defiantly one of those books that when you finish reading it, you have to turn around and start it all over again. Tori and Nick are like oil and vinegar; you have to shake things up to get them to mix. Tori had never had a real family and you are saddened by her past. Nick also had a hard time growing up but he had his family to lean on where Tori did not. Together, Nick and Tori bring out the best parts of each other. The secondary characters lightened the story with humorous dialogue and a great grandma who is a klepto. I really hope that this is not the last time we see the Santangelo’s, especially Johnny.

From USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Nash

A Little Light Magic

Joy Nash
Leisure Books, May 26, 2009
ISBN-10: 0-505-52693-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52693-9
$7.99 US $9.99 CAN £5.99 UK $14.95 AUS


From USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Nash

A girl with no family meets a guy with too much…

For Tori Morgan, family’s a blessing the universe hasn’t sent her way. Her parents are long gone, and her chance of having a baby is slipping away. For Nick Santangelo, family’s more like a curse. His nonna is a closet kleptomaniac, his mom’s a menopausal time bomb and his motherless daughter is headed for serious boy trouble.

But summer on the Jersey shore can be an enchanted season, when love can bring together the most unlikely prospects. A hard-headed contractor and a lonely reader of Tarot cards? All it takes is… A LITTLE LIGHT MAGIC

from chapter one…

Nick Santangelo checked his watch as he climbed the cracked concrete steps. Five twenty-nine. Right on time and this couldn't take long--there was a mountain of paper he had to move across his desk before tomorrow. Mentally, he plotted out his evening. Two minutes to explain he couldn't do the job, five to drive home and grab a sandwich, fifteen to get back to his office in Atlantic City.
He rapped on the frame of a battered screen door.
No answer.
He pounded again, harder this time. "Hello?"
"What? Oh! Just a minute."
The door opened. "Hi," a breathless voice said. "Can I help you?"
Nick opened his mouth to answer, then took a good look at the woman standing in the doorway and shut it again.
She wasn't at all what he'd expected.
Not that he'd been expecting anything. But if he had been expecting something, it wouldn't have been a freckled pixie with wild black curls and streaks of silver paint smudged across her nose. Her eyes were green, her skin was flushed, and her full red lips drove every thought out of his head and straight to his groin.
Oh, man. This was not good.
Despite his best effort at nonchalance, his gaze flicked to her chest, and Lord, that was a mistake, because she was wearing a stretchy scoop-necked tee with no bra. Her breasts were just the kind he liked--round and firm, not too big, not too small. Her highlighter-green knit top stretched from peak to peak, distorting the lettering on the front.
Dance as if no one were watching.
Funny, dancing wasn't the activity that immediately sprang to mind.
Jesus. Why the hell had he left his clipboard in the truck? It would have come in handy right about now, positioned strategically in front of his belt buckle...
The object of his unexpected lust tilted her head to one side and touched the tip of her tongue to her bottom lip. He nearly groaned out loud. She blinked up at him, one hand on her hip, the other holding a paintbrush dipped in silver paint. She only came up to his chin, but something about her seemed taller.
He floundered around for his lost professionalism. "Ms. Morgan?"
"I'm Nick Santangelo. From Santangelo Construction. You were expecting me?"
"Oh. Yes! Yes, I was. But not until five thirty."
He checked his watch. "It's five thirty-two."
"It is?" She looked genuinely shocked at the news. "I must've lost track of the time." She kicked a remnant of Sunday's The Press of Atlantic City out of the path of the door. "Come in."
He stepped into a minefield of paint paraphernalia and moving boxes. The screen door slammed behind him, making him start. Broken. Well, why the hell not? Everything else in the house seemed to be, from the dented aluminum step ladder to the beat-up folding table, which was flanked by equally decrepit folding chairs that didn't match. A battered CD player--complete with duct-taped cord--was gurgling something that was probably supposed to be a clear mountain stream but sounded more like a running toilet.
Ms. Morgan circled her paintbrush at the walls. "What do you think of them?"
He guessed she meant the clouds. They covered all four walls of the twelve-by-twenty room, painted in billowing silver on a field of electric blue. Overhead, faceted crystals hung from the ceiling like stars.
What did he think of it? He looked at Ms. Morgan and entertained a few doubts about her sanity.
He cleared his throat. "It's...bright."
"Thanks. I thought so, too."
"Look, Ms. Morgan--"
"Call me Tori."
"Okay. Tori. I--"
She turned and started across the room, weaving between the boxes. "I don't really need much work done. It's just that the building inspector says I can't open Destiny's Gate in the front room while I live in the back without making a few fire code upgrades first." She bent at the waist to dip her brush into a can of paint. The zig-zag hem of her skirt rose, giving Nick a glimpse of smooth skin and a Celtic knot anklet tattoo.
With an effort, he refocused on a cloud. "Destiny's Gate?"
"That's what I'm calling my shop."
"Um...what do you plan to sell?"
She sidled back into his line of vision and started dabbing paint on the very cloud he'd been staring at. "Oh, Tarot cards, crystals, runes, books." She paused. "I'll do divination, too. People need to know what the cosmos has in store for them."
"Divination? You mean like fortune telling?"
"Some people call it that. I like to call it future sight."
"You're kidding, right?"
She frowned at him over her shoulder. "No. Why would I be?"
"Because you can't seriously think to sell that woo-woo stuff around here. Summer people come to Margate to take their kids to the beach, not to get their fortunes told. You'd be better off selling wave boards. Or Italian ice."
Her answering scowl sent him rocking back on his heels.
"Hey," he protested. "Don't go getting all mad. It's good advice. And it's free."
"Yeah. If you want to tell fortunes, you should set up shop on the Ocean City boardwalk. That's where the tourists go when they're looking to throw away money."
"Throw away---Oh!"
Ms. Morgan--Tori--abandoned her cloud, her chest rising on a quick intake of breath. Nick tried not to look down, but Jesus, it was a lost cause. She marched right up to him and halted so close he could practically feel her breasts in his hands.
A jab of her brush near his nose brought his attention back to her face.
"I'll have you know fortune telling is a valuable art, not a waste of money! And I can't go anywhere else. I have to open Destiny's Gate here, in this house."
"You inherited the place recently, right?"
The light in her green eyes dimmed. "Yes. From my great-aunt. It's been a summer rental for the last seventeen years, since she moved into a nursing home."
"Well maybe now that it's yours, you should think of selling. This close to the beach, you'd get a great price."
"But the new owners would tear the house down!"
"Well, yeah, obviously. The value's all in the land."
She shook her head. Nick was momentarily distracted by her glossy dark curls stroking and sifting over her shoulders. His palms started to itch.
"No," she was saying. "I can't let that happen. Aunt Millie left so much positive psychic energy in these walls."
Positive psychic energy?
She shot him a disgruntled look. "You know, I didn't ask your opinion."
"What?" Nick said. "I didn't say anything."
"You didn't have to. But it doesn't matter, because I'm not looking for your advice. I just want to hire you. And there's really not much work here. You can probably finish it in a day or two."
"Well, about that," he said. "I only stopped by to--"
"Do you want to see the list?" She moved closer and he caught her scent. Something old fashioned and flowery. Calm. It seemed an odd choice for her. From what he could see, standing still wasn't something Tori Morgan knew how to do.
"I don't think--"
"Wait. It's around here somewhere."
Huh? A conversation with this woman shifted as quickly as sand in a storm. Bemused, he watched as she sank to the floor, her gauzy skirt swirling as she rifled through a stack of papers shoved into a cardboard box. Her paint brush, seemingly forgotten in her left hand, dripped silver onto the floor.
"Here." He grabbed the brush before it could do any more damage. "Let me take that."
She blinked up at him, then frowned at the brush. "Oh. Thanks. I know I put the building inspector's list in here somewhere."
He set the brush in one of her four-and-a-half open cans of silver paint. "Look, don't bother. I can't take your job anyway."
She stood up so fast she nearly lost her balance. Nick caught her upper arm, then immediately wished he hadn't. Touching her wasn't the best idea. The urge to drag her flush against his body was entirely too urgent. What had gotten into him? He couldn't remember the last time he’d had such a sudden, overwhelming response to a woman.
She stared up at him with eyes the exact color of the ocean before a storm. She was so close now he could see that the green of her irises was touched with subtle flecks of blue. Her cheeks were flushed. And her lips...
" it," she said breathlessly.
What? He stared down at her.
"You have to do it. You have to take my job."
Oh, right. The job.
Nick released her and took a step back. "Look, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I won't be able to help you out. My company doesn't do small projects like this. Doris should have told you when you called."
"Oh, she did. But she also said you might be able to squeeze it in if I couldn't find anybody else."
"I'd really like to help, but I'm overextended as it is. I can't possibly take this on."
"But that's not right! The cards said that you'd help me."
"Cards? What cards?"
She pointed at the folding table. "The Tarot. I did a reading after I talked to Doris. The outcome was favorable."
"I see," Nick said slowly, pacing toward the table. The cards spread out there weren't the regular playing kind, but some sort of fortune telling cards.
"Favorable." He slanted her a glance. "But not, I take it, definite?"
She grimaced. " Not exactly definite." She tapped the closest card. "I drew the Moon. That always denotes a time of uncertainty."
He smiled. "There you go, then. That proves I'm not your man."
She looked up just long enough to send him a scowl. "It does nothing of the kind. See this card? The Four of Wands foretells success in new ventures. I can't have success if I can't open. That means you're going to take the job."
"And besides," she pressed on, "you're my last hope. My only hope! You can't even imagine how many contractors I've called. Not one will even give me an estimate before August. But when I looked into my crystal, I saw the work completed before the Solstice."
Nick couldn't believe his ears. "You've got a crystal ball that tracks construction projects? You know, I could use one of those at the office."
"No," she said seriously. "It's not a ball. I can never get a good reading on a curved surface. I use a prism."
Nick shook his head. Time to go. Because, clearly, this woman had already left the building.
"Tell you what," he said, angling toward the door. "I'll ask around. Maybe one of my subcontractors will be interested."
He left before she could launch another protest, relieved to trade the whirling clouds and flashing crystals for the comforting solidity of his Dodge Ram 4x4. Tori Morgan might turn him on like crazy, but no way was Nick going to follow his little head on this one.
Tarot cards. Positive psychic energy. Visions in crystals.
The woman was out of her freaking mind.

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Lynn Crain Interview May 15th

I have the pleasure of hosting Lynn Crain today. I was able to interview her and her answers are posted below. I loved some of her answers. Lol

Leave a comment or ask Lynn a question. Don’t be shy. We don’t bite here, well, not too hard. Grab a coffee or a soda and come and spend the day with us.

Subtle Invasion
: Lynn Crain
EBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/Devine Destinies
Published: Devine Destinies, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-55487-093-6 eBook Category: Science Fiction

When Melinda begins to have strange visions, her husband Frank fears the worst and takes her to the local hospital. Once there, Melinda realizes her visions are real. Can she prepare earth for what is to come?

1. Did you always know that you wanted to be an author or did you have another dream?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer when I first had a poem published at age twelve. But I came from a family where you take a career that can support you first then you can work on getting that dream job.

2. How long did you write until you were finally published?

Between the time I had my first poem published and my first non-fiction article was about 25 years. I continued to have the occasional non-fiction piece published but wasn’t published in fiction until late 2005. Since then I’ve had 14 pieces published and am contracted for another 16 more. So in total, it took me 36 years to be published in fiction.

3. When you sit down to write, is there a ritual you have to do before you start?

Not really. I do make sure I have plenty of water before I open my current WIP. I also read the last thing I’ve done and check my progress excel file. BUT I’m not consistent in doing those things at all. Sometimes, I just sit down and start.

4. Do you plan the story out or just let it flow?

Depends upon the story. The majority of the time, I’m a pantser. HOWEVER, it the story is huge, like my upcoming Protectors series, I will sit down and have a basic plan for each story because I have to know the world intimately before I actually write one word. In that series, I planned the characters, the setting and how each story would entwine itself with the others before I wrote one word. With my Orchid series, I knew where I wanted to start and where it needed to end and other than the title and the characters, I knew nothing else.

5. Now to your wonderful books *BG*. Do you have a current list of releases and where they can be found?

There are a lot, so be prepared…LOL!

eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies
Violet Visions (print)

Atlantis Allure (print)

Sanguinary Seductions (print)

Santa’s Elves Series (print - 1st Three books)
The View From Santa’s Sleigh (ebook)
The Thing About Elves (ebook)
An Elf’s Desire (ebook)
A Love For Eggther (ebook)
An Elf’s Magic (ebook)

Shopping Spree (ebook)

Captive Illusions
Iain and Kelsey (ebook)

Fluke (ebook)

Subtle Invasion (ebook)

Whiskey Creek Press
Blue Moon Magic Series – Book 4 – Night of the Blue Moon

6. Do you have any WIP that you might want to share with us?

There are two I would love to share with you. The first is the second book in my Orchid series which started with Fluke titled More Than Robotics. It’s about a space ship captain who has some tough choices to make to ensure the safety of her crew, her ship and her world. She’s helped along by a man sent to protect her from the enemy. It’s fast paced and has some new and different things in it.

The second is my first book in my Protectors series, Of Earth and Fire. These stories are contemporary and set in Nevada. All the main characters have special paranormal abilities given to them by a technologic reason. It’s a total cross between paranormal and science fiction. Again, it is fast paced where the heroines are kick-ass women destined to set the world straight.

7. What character is more like your personality or is it a combination of more than one?

All my characters are a combination of a lot of different things. I will say that there is a bit of me in each on of them. A lot of times I can’t see if until the story is done but once its complete, I’ll go back and read it only to find that the heroine has done something in the exact same manner I would have done.

8. Did you decide to write in the paranormal genre or did it choose you?

The one thing I have always done is to write a story I love. I have always told people I write the weird stuff because when I first started writing these stories there was no market for them. I’ve always loved things that were odd and different because I’ve always wanted to be able to explain those phenomena.

While I mainly write paranormal, science fiction or fantasy romance and cross genre pieces, I have my fair share of regular contemporary pieces as well. But I do see myself throwing in more and more of a paranormal slant to things.

Again, I really do think it’s all about the story. As a writer, you’ve got to write the story you love first.

9. When you have a moment to sit down and breathe, what kinds of books do you read?

I read everything I can get my hands on. I love science fiction and fantasy, I love futuristics, I love manga. It’s hard to say what I’ll read next.

10. What author or authors inspire you to write the way you do?

Right now I’m reading Katherine Allred and Linnea Sinclair latest.

11. Do you have any tips for those aspiring authors out there?

The best tips I have are never give up and perseverance because you need those in today’s publishing scene. You have to be flexible and prepared for anything. The only other advice I’d give is to make sure that you have a thick skin. There is no other business, other than acting, where you will be rejected continuously and still be expected to perform admirably. Take it as it comes, grieve at the rejection and then move on…quickly…LOL!

12. Now for the most important question of the day, what color does a Smurf change when you choke it?

Purple…red and blue make purple…LOL!

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Come join the fun with author, Bryl R. Tyne!

Let us give a big welcome to Bryl R Tyne for stopping by today and chatting with us. My interview with Bryl is below.

Go ahead and ask a question or add a comment. One lucky poster will win an EBook copy of “Best Unspoken”. I wrote a review for it and you can read it here. Review of Best Unspoken If you havn't read it or "If I Were a Lady..." yet, you have no idea what you are missing.

So, grab a seat and a cup of coffee and join us. I have a feeling it is going to be fun today with Bryl here. ;)

1. Did you always know that you wanted to be an author or did you have another dream?
I wrote poetry and short stories like crazy when I was younger, but I was too busy ducking bullies to dream (sucked being one of the smart ones). Of course, my mouth probably didn't help matters (Seldom do I just lie down and "take it"). I remember a high school guidance councilor asking what my plans were once I graduated. I was a junior at the time. It was a very awkward moment, lots of silence, with him glaring at me as if he expected a certain answer. Finally, I blurted out the only thought running through my mind..."Am I supposed to know the answer to that?"

I've floated along in life, letting circumstances take me where they may. When I did write, I was often praised. I could just never seem to shake adversity long enough to settle down and get serious until recently.

2. How long did you write until you were finally published?
Nine months.

3. When you sit down to write, is there a ritual you have to do before you start?
32 oz. coffee mug full—check; 16 oz. Crystal Lite energy drink—check; iPod fully charged—check; oversized pillow between me and rocking chair back...That's if the weather doesn't permit me to venture outdoors with extension cord and lawn chair.

4. Now to your wonderful books *BG*. Do you have a current list of releases and where they can be found?
If I Were a Lady... is available from Noble Romance Publishing, as is my Naughty Nibble, Best Unspoken (NOT work-safe). My story, Exposed, will appear in the NERDVANA Anthology from STARbooks Press this Fall, and my story, VAMMP: Conquering Dissension, is contracted to be included in a Gay vampire anthology from Ravenous Romance later this year, but I don't have the details yet.

5. Do you have any WIP that you might want to share with us?
In between passing my other projects back and forth, I'm working on a sci-fi gay erotic romance. My boss of all people gave me the idea when he introduced me to The Dresden Dolls' song, Coin Operated Boy; which, by the way, is the tentative title of my book. I was on my way out of the office when he stopped me and asked if I'd ever heard the group. After two stanzas, I had the story in my head. I've also got a Naughty Nibble lined up for Val and Kendra...have to get it down and turn it in soon.

6. What character is more like your personality or is it a combination?
That's a tough one. Overall, I'm most like my main character, Jesse, in my JT Wolfe, PI Series—though you won't meet him until his series finds a home. I do see bits and pieces of me in many of my other characters too. For instance, in If I Were a Lady..., I can see my provocative spirit in Val's dad, and yet there was a time in my life that I carried similar insecurities to Kendra.

7. Do you have anything new in the works? Inquiring minds want to know.
I've been asked to co-author a couple of projects. MS Panthera and I are working on a paranormal novel. It's getting interesting. One of our heroes has discovered he's a transgender. Don't know where he got that idea...o_0 Also, Author Reese Johnson and I have begun a horror series that features gay detective, Arlo Skaggs. All books co-authored by Reese Johnson and I will be published under the pen name, R. B. Bronsin.

8. When you have a moment to sit down and breathe, what kinds of books do you read?
I like mysteries best, erotic romances also. Recently, I'm on this kick with horror novels, go figure, the gorier the better.

9. What author or authors inspire you to write the way you do?
Everyone and no one. When I first picked up writing again, last April, I opened a spiral notebook. Five notebooks and three weeks later, I had a 75+ thousand word novel. It never occurred to me there were others out there already writing stories with characters like mine. Since then I've read close to a couple hundred books in a variety of genres. Just to know that other authors write their hearts out because they feel driven inspires me to keep going, not lock it down inside again. Until last year, I kept my ideas to myself.

10. Do you have any tips for those aspiring authors out there?
If you feel you must write then write and keep writing.

11. Now for the most important question of the day, what color does a Smurf change when you choke it?
Guess it all depends on which neck I have a hold on. I mean a death grip on his throat and he's bound to turn black before I'm through with him. But if I'm looking for a nice shade of violet, a firm grip on his—Hey! Give me that back—

What the hell? I was just getting to the good part...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review of Best Unspoken by Bryl R. Tyne

Best Unspoken by Bryl R.Tyne
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Ebook, 2009
Category: Contemporary, M/M
ISBN: 9781605920344
Grade ~ A

Levi Finley has been in his first real relationship for a little over two years now. His family and friends do not approve of his lover. They think he is controlling or too old for him. Levi knows that if they knew the real Rob Langston, that they would love him as much as he does.

Rob Langston works as a Biomedical Tech. The only time he likes change is when he is in his lab. Rob comes across as a man of few words; in reality he is just terribly shy.

Rob takes Levi out for his 25th birthday to a gentleman’s club. Levi and Rob have an understanding that for birthdays, anything goes. A misunderstanding at the club creates tension in their relationship and Rob drags him out the door. Could Levi’s friends be right about Rob being too controlling or jealous? Who is the real Rob?

I have read, If I Were a Lady… by Bryl Tyne and loved it so when I read Best Unspoken, it was no surprise that I loved this one too. Within the pages, you get a look into the relationship between Levi and Rob. An outgoing Levi plays well against Rob who would rather watch instead of being part of the scene. The two of them together have a relationship that only they can see or understand. Levi shows it with words and Rob with his touch. A spicy read but also a book that still gives you that *sigh* feeling.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bryl Tyne will be here May 7th!

Hello my lovelies! This Thursday, May 7th, I have another author interview to post. Author Bryl Tyne will be here to talk about “If I Were a Lady…” from Noble Romance Publishing. I just got the answers to my questions that I sent off a week ago and will post them Thursday. You can also post a question or two.

I have been told that Bryl will be giving away an eBook copy of “Best Unspoken” to one lucky poster. Winner will be chosen and posted on the 8th. So, stop by my blog and let’s have some fun!

Bryl Tyne’s Web Site -
Go to Noble Romance to buy your copy today -

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Bitten By Books Invites One & All To Its Bloody Birthday Bash

Greetings earthlings! errr Readers!

Welcome to the beginning of what will prove to be the biggest, most monstrous birthday celebration of it’s kind! There will be something going on almost every single day this month. PRIZES, SWAG, FREE BOOKS, ARC’S, INTERVIEWS, REVIEWS, CONTESTS, AWARDS, POLLS, GUEST BLOGS, VIDEOS, AND MUCH MUCH MORE (can you tell we are excited?)

Book Release Party and Contest with Author Angie Fox!

Come on over and enjoy the fun with author Angie Fox!