Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My review of Body Candy By Taylor Tryst

After reading Leather and Lace by Taylor Tryst I had to read her new book, Body Candy. I just love that title! Both of her books are available from Ellora's Cave, which is one of my favorite publishers.

Body Candy by Taylor Tryst
Part of the Sweet Candy theme series from Ellora's Cave
Ellora’s Cave, Ebook February 2008
4.5 Stars

Sophie Jensen is happy with her size 12 and thinks her curves are sexy. She is the inventor and founder of Body Candy, a company that makes different flavors of edible body candy.

Brody Burkett is a large man that isn’t afraid to intimidate people to get his way. That is how he got where he is today financially. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. Did I mention that he is GORGEOUS!?

A Detective shows up at Sophie’s door asking questions about her partner Zebulon Maddox and where he can be found. His partner was found dead and she or Brody Burkett, her financial backer could be next. When the Detective isn’t what he seems, Brody comes to Sophie’s rescue. Brody promises her that he will keep her safe but is that from the killer or himself? Both have secrets that can get them killed or lose each other.

The chemistry between Brody and Sophie is enough to make the body candy sizzle. Brody comes across as a gentleman but in the bedroom, the gloves are off. Sophie isn’t weak either and lets Brody know from the very beginning what she wants and Brody is happy to oblige. The sex scenes were extremely hot and I am surprised that my computer monitor didn’t melt.

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