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Winning Virgin Lust by Destiny Blaine blurb and excerpt

Out of all the Winning Virgin books, this is by far my favorite. Sebastian is perfect from his head to his toes. He has that don't f*** attitude going on. *sigh* Don't be shy, leave a comment ot ask a question for Destniy.

The Winning Virgin titles have been well received by readers of paranormal and urban fantasy erotic romance. The gaming elements in the books have pulled in another crowd of ready readers as well—gamblers.

Destiny has a strong foothold in the casino industry with hundreds of articles written under another pen name, her reader base for the Winning Virgin titles originally pulled from this audience. Fortunately, paranormal readers fell in love with the series as well and made it a hit.

Recently, two more books were sold on proposal for the Winning Virgin series and others are planned as well. Two of the titles, Winning Virgin Blood and Winning Virgin Love are now available in print formats.

Winning Virgin Blood, the first book in the series is the only book that is not ménage. Since Winning Virgin Love and Winning Virgin Lust received an overwhelming response, the next two books will continue to showcase romance and ménage relationships. Watch for Winning Virgin Promises and Winning Virgin Devotion coming soon to Siren’s Ménage Amour Collection.

Blurb from Winning Virgin Lust:

It's the morning after a sexual romp and Constance Spenser wakes up with more than a headache. Since she doesn't seem to know who she is or where she belongs, Sebastian Sabbat buys into the old adage of finders keepers and that's just his first mistake.
The Sabbats and the Spensers aren't friends and when two of their own join for unconventional purposes, the families aren't exactly pleased. Add in a little brotherly love and a threesome guarantees Constance will soon be tied to more than just one Sabbat. Gabriel Sabbat will join his brother and Constance in a very accepted vampire ceremony, but when Darian Sabbat realizes Constance has her hooks in Sebastian and Gabriel, he makes a quick decision.
Darian knows he can't trust his brothers now that Constance wants their undivided attention. In a bold move, he takes the initiative to secure the future of his family and he has a little insurance to ensure the Spensers never get in his way.

Excerpt from Winning Virgin Lust:

She woke up in heat. She needed him and she didn’t know who the he represented. She wanted someone with an unexplainable why. She just missed the man and wanted to see him. He had been in her bed or rather, she spent some time in his and now she heard sounds from another room, but she didn’t know if she wanted to go and meet him face to face.
Her first instincts kicked in. She’d dress and run. Get the hell out of there. Run like hell—only she didn’t know where she wanted to run. She looked around the room, but nothing looked familiar to her. She had no earthly idea where she’d spent the night or how she ended up there.
She licked her lips and tasted the unfamiliar salty flavor, a bitter-sweet flavor. The sheets were tangled and the evidence of a sex party existed throughout the room. Did she like it rough? She looked around again. Apparently so, with the weird gadgets everywhere. An obvious sex swing in one corner, a pole with ties and binds in another led to leather, lots of leather, draped around several pieces of furniture.
With deliberate caution, she stepped onto the hardwood floor and the dreaded creak announced to the person in the next room of her awakened state. She heard heavy footsteps and turned to see him in the doorway. Immediately, she hit the bed again and covered herself up.
“Baby, I’ve already seen that gorgeous ass of yours.” He chuckled and then turned his back to her. “I’m not much of a cook, but when you’re up and at it, I have breakfast ready. I usually eat dinner first, but I took a chance you might want breakfast.”
“Dinner first?” She questioned him without realizing it.
He turned back around and propped his hands on the doorframe showcasing perfect arms and glorious muscles. “Yes, what do Spensers typically do for their first meal of the day?” His eyes teased her further.
“Spensers?” She questioned him more.
“Yes, Miss Spenser, in case it slipped your mind last night, I do know you belong to the Spenser clan.” He shook his head. “I’ll let you get dressed. How do you take your coffee?”
“Do I drink coffee?” She called out to him and noticed when his footsteps stopped moving away from her. Somewhat hurriedly, he headed back to the room where he’d left her.
He slowly peered in on her this time. “Constance, knock it off.”
“Constance? This is my name?” A blank expression washed over her. “That’s my name, right?”
“Do you know where you are?” He approached her with what she viewed as forced restraint.
She shook her head. An emphatic “no” told him more than her head shaking.
He moved closer. “This isn’t a real good time for games.”
She looked around the room. “By the looks of things, we played enough of those last night.”
He moved closer to her and they studied one another for a few minutes more. “What do you mean? You really don’t know where you are?”
“No.” She pulled the blankets around her tighter.

* * * *
Tears threatened her and he saw them well at the corners of her dark brown eyes. Her little body seemed to shake from underneath the sheets and coverlet hiding her.
Damn it all. After Walt woke him earlier, he’d spoken to one of the elders and guaranteed her safety. Now, she couldn’t remember him or as it appeared—anything?
“Constance, if this is a game, I can tell you now, it’s going to backfire on you.” He went to her purse and pulled out her wallet. “See, here’s your passport.” He wondered why in the hell she had a passport, but maybe it would jar her memory. Someone did a phenomenal job painting her into the place a photographer’s lens would’ve never captured. The photo looked legit.
“What’s a damn passport mean to me?” She questioned. “Am I not in Edinburgh?” She glanced over to the window. Fortunately, in the far distance, she would be able to spot The Edinburgh Castle.
He nodded toward her identification. “Your name, it’s right here. Constance Spenser.” He rubbed his chin in deep thought. “If you don’t know your name, how do you know you belong in Edinburgh?”
The tears came fast then and she swiped them as quickly as they did. “I have no idea. I just know I live here.”
“Damn it all!” He thought it first and said it loudly just to be sure she knew he wasn’t a bit amused. “Constance, listen to me. Your name is Constance Spenser. You’re a member of the Spenser clan. One of the most notorious vampire families in—”
“Vampires? What the hell? You think I’m part of some vampire clan? And you slept with me? Are you always this insane or do you have a sudden death wish?”
Both, no doubt. Before he seriously screwed up and did some damage, he caught the words he wanted to speak right in his chest. His cheeks swelled and he slowly blew out hot air. Why make matters worse?
First things first. He didn’t really need to tell her in that precise moment that he too happened to be a vampire. It wasn’t necessary. No, he’d wait before he shared the information, but maybe he should shed light on the sleeping-with-him factor. “We didn’t fuck.”
“Nice.” She really didn’t seem to care one way or the other.
He realized how it sounded and tried to regroup again. “Well, I mean, I would have if—”
“What’s your name?” She cut him off.
“Are we lovers or…”
A thousand answers would’ve been better than the one he was going to give her, but sometimes the way someone can make their dreams come true is to simply start by believing they are true. He decided the night before he wanted her and now, it appeared he might just get his chance. Sure, more conventional ways might have made things less complicated, but Constance didn’t quite fit the bill or make a strong case for uncomplicated.
“Yes, honey, we are.” He lied. Damn right, he lied. Damnation and hell fire, he made it up as he went along because he wanted to keep her. His hand went to her head and he stroked in the beauty he saw every time he looked at her. And yes, he made excuses for himself.
She smiled at him warmly. “Then looks like I didn’t do too badly for myself whoever the hell I am.”
“I guess I feel the same way. We’re damn lucky, if you ask me.” He winked casually and then reluctantly slid a kiss on her cheek. “Get dressed. We’ll eat breakfast and then I have somewhere I want to take you.”
He almost slipped away from her with all the answers she needed when a question hit her. “I still don’t know where I am or…”
“Dress Constance, and then we’ll work this all out.” His voice shook. Could he work this out? He sure as hell hoped so.
* * * *
The Sabbat compound impressed her. “This is your family home?” She looked around with bright eyes when they entered the foyer.
The estate, designed by one of the greatest architects to ever live, impressed most mortals. Many of their own didn’t find the appointments all that spectacular because so often the vampires, at least those from the older families, lived in similar settings. Constance’s own home made even the Sabbat estate appear somewhat average. Of course, now she claimed no recollection of the past.
“You’ve been here before.”
“I have?” Her eyes darted around the open areas once more.
Darian Sabbat sat alone in the center of the family room when they entered. His face showed true surprise, if not shock. “What the hell?” He tossed aside a book he held in his right hand.
Sebastian raised his fingers to his lips. “We need to talk.”
Empty eyes looked around the room. “Constance, I’d like you to meet my brother, Darian.” He shot his sibling a warning stare before the concern washing over his face slapped him again with several doses of confirmation. Yes, a Spenser walked, strolled really, into their compound.
“Darian Sabbat, meet Constance Spenser.”
“Yes, I believe we’ve met before.” He brought her knuckles to his lips.
“We have?” Her eyes returned to Sebastian for a yes or no answer.
Sebastian intervened. “It’s been years ago. Darian knew your family.” He offered a gentle smile.
“He did?” She looked back at Darian once more. “Tell me about them.”
“Yes, he will, but why don’t you go out by the pool and wait for us there. I have to discuss some business proposals with him first.” With his hand on the small of her back, he walked her over to the terrace doors and all but pushed her toward them, ever so gently, of course.
“Okay.” She seemed too affable for Sebastian’s comfort, but he smiled sweetly until she disappeared behind the patio doors.
“What the fuck is going on here?” Darian challenged his brother as soon as the glass rattled with the closure of the doors. “What the hell were you thinking bringing her out here in the middle of the night?”
“She doesn’t know who she is.” He walked past his brother.
“What are you talking about?” Darian seemed more pleased with the declaration than simply bothered by it.
“You heard me. She doesn’t have a clue who she is or how she ended up in my bed.”
“Fucked her past life straight out of her memory, did ya?” Darian immediately seemed to like the idea all the more. “Keep talking little brother because you just won over my undivided attention, never mind my envy.”
“That would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic!” Sebastian walked over to the wet bar and poured himself a scotch. He gulped it down and quickly poured another.
“So, did you get the best of her?” His jaw twitched with the anticipation of a positive affirmation. “Of course you did, look at her.” He turned to stare at their guest.
Sebastian ran his nervous hand over his face and stared at his brother once more. “No, I didn’t, so you cannot pin this on me. She thinks she belongs with me. Your drugs must’ve had some kind of adverse reaction on a vampire.”
“Really?” He seemed far too delighted and very interested. “Tell me more.”
“Do you have any idea what we’re facing here or do you even care?” Sebastian knew his brother loved games, but there were more appropriate people—mainly mortals— to use for pawns.
“We’re not facing anything. Drop her off at the Spenser gates and leave her. They’ll know what to do with her. She’s theirs. They’ll find her help of some sort.” Darian joined him at the bar and slapped him on the back. “In the meantime, let’s raise our glasses. Evidently, there’s a lot we can toast.”
“The last time the lovely Miss Spenser visited here, she quite confidently assured me she would never return.” He chuckled. “I wish I would’ve known then what I know now.”
Sebastian’s eyes followed her every move through the glass. He watched her walk around the pool utterly amazed. “I can’t take her back. She doesn’t want to go.” He ignored his brother’s attempt to make light of their situation.
Darian almost spat his words and his first sip of alcohol straight forward. “She doesn’t want to go home?”
Darian studied him before he spoke again. He watched him stare at the beautiful young woman. “You like her and want to keep her. That’s the problem, eh?”
There was little reason to respond. He just watched her graceful moves and damn it all, he wanted her and yes—he planned to keep her. Hell yes, he wanted to keep her, but she wasn’t a prize to be won or lost and he tried to grasp an understanding of the fact. It proved challenging when his eyes refused to leave her curves.
Darian snapped his fingers in front of his brother’s face. “Then keep her, but get her the hell out of here. They’ll search for her, if they aren’t already out on a mission to find her and guess where they’ll look first?”
Sebastian squared off with his older brother. “Well, I don’t imagine they would be looking here if they didn’t have a pretty damn good reason to begin at the source.”
Darian rolled his eyes.
Constance slid back inside and shut the door behind her. They heard the swoosh sound of the sliding door and both looked up at the same time. Her face held a lot of anxiety. She swallowed hard before she stared directly at Sebastian. “I missed you.”
Darian turned beet red fighting the laughter he wanted to share. Never mind the obvious delight he found when he heard her chosen words. “She missed you. How touching. Those very words are sentiments I’d cherish if I were you. I’d also find a way to work this to your advantage and of course, become very aware of a real possibility. She may walk in one day with her memory fully restored. Then what?”
Sebastian didn’t bother telling him about the bold face lie he told the young woman just because his emotions for her allowed his better judgment to take a very corrupt turn. He didn’t bother telling his brother he loved finding her in his bed and it seemed too painful to even think about returning her to the Spensers.
He did want to keep her. Just like he’d always wanted to keep the little stray animals they brought in from the street. He wanted to keep the seductive hellcat who warmed his bed and his heart after just one night of distorted and yes, maybe even a little manipulated pleasure.
* * * *
Hours later, Darian escaped down to the underground quarters of a made-to-order prison underneath the Sabbat compound. The news he wanted to share fresh on his lips, only one man warranted his company. He walked into the dimly lit holding area.
“My brother gained the interest and approval of a particular Spenser.”
The shadow in the cage didn’t move or react. Not in the least.
Darian paced the concrete floor and he watched his prey closely. “Did you hear what I said?” He stopped at one of the four corners.
Nothing. Not a sound. Not a movement. Only blackness stilled the anger from pure rage felt and yes, the fury seethed from the man caged. The animosity danced, but it never showed its face.
“I met her today. She’s quite beautiful really. She has ivory skin—pale white. Her long eyelashes nearly curl up to hit her lids and they both cover the darkest of black eyes that I’ve ever seen. In fact, if my brother didn’t already have her marked for his own, then I suppose I wouldn’t be opposed to taking a much younger woman to my bed. After all,” He chuckled knowing his final descriptive terms would urge hell from the man behind his bars, “seeing the black-haired vixen’s hair fall gently around perfectly mounted breasts is enough to call out the betrayal of a brother.”
A hissing sound fell into the room. It sounded like a rattlesnake and the sound opened up the walls of horror. The hellish temperament of a father came to life as the man trapped there forced all of his weight against the metal knowing when he did, he would be speared with more of the painful drug Darian’s significantly sword-pointed bars speared into his veins.
The contact generated a rumble of terror. Darian even backed away since the close-up show of agony seemed unbearable even for the man who orchestrated the whole enactment. The bars did shake, which surprised Darian and the guards. He shot a disapproving glare at one of them. “See that this never happens again.” He nodded toward the bar he saw give with the structure and move with anger’s beastly face.
When the man on the other side calmed down some, he went in for a final kill. After all, he liked to taunt his prey as much as possible. “As I said, she’s quite lovely. My brother left our club with her last night and when they reappeared today at the compound, I must say, they both possessed a certain spark in their eyes, never mind the spring in my young brother’s step. Must’ve been her first time.” Darian chuckled as he listened for more outrage.
It didn’t come. But the warning did.
“Orlando and Almonzo would never stand for it. I don’t believe you.” The syllables were painful to hear because they floated from a very dry tongue.
Darian walked closer so the prisoner could read his expression. “That’s why I took the opportunity to study everything about her. I thought you might be unable to grasp the concept unless my description of her hit something of a personal note. She wore a necklace. A lovely gold choker with a charm embedded completely with gorgeous diamonds.”
Silence. Nothing stirred.
“An elegant piece really. Where did she get it? I’m assuming you had it made for her or perhaps her brothers gave it to her or maybe even one of their scrumptious bed partners.”
Again, no response.
Darian moved closer. “She is, after all, such a lucky player.”
Again the man from the other side rumbled with his anger and the spears were ready for him when he did. The pain of the injections broke the flesh, but the words spoken speared his heart. “Constance.”


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If someone had told me last year that I would be reading this genre I would not have believed it. Have you always written this type of book or have you or do you write other genres?

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I can attest to the "Winning Virgin..." books being page turners.

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Thank you for the compliments and right backatcha, lady! You churn out one quality manuscript right after another! :)

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Hi R Jensen,

I’m with you here. I didn’t dive into romance with the intention of writing erotic romance but once I started writing for publication, it became clear what readers and editors want.

If you want to sell in small press or as a mid-list author, sex sells and the hotter the better.
Ménage romance is outselling everything right now on third party retailers (such as Amazon, ARE, Mobipocket).

Siren-BookStrand publishes the majority of my books and their best seller list is crammed full of ménage titles. Authors earn a very cushy income on these titles because readers can't get enough of them.

I’m very, very lucky. I’m with one of the best publishers in the industry. Siren’s titles are topping the list at Amazon with ménage and erotica romance hits. Lara Santiago and Samantha Cruise have dominated several categories at Amazon with their beautifully written ménage/sharing romances.

However to answer your question, I didn’t always write in this genre. My first published books were non-fiction books. I wrote several as a ghost writer and several under my real name. I’m published in young adult, as well and love to write YA.

My shelves here at home are dominated by Dean Koontz, John Grisham, and true crime novels. However, soon after dipping my toes into romance, Lora Leigh caught my attention along with Emma Wildes and a slew of others who write it scorching hot.

Due to the ever-changing market and several other factors I hope to blog about soon, I’m now writing under several names. Most of what I write leaves nothing to the imagination. Writing is my full-time career and while I’d love to tell you it's easy and I get to follow my muse, I don’t have that luxury right now. I write for the demand and the public wants graphic sex and the door left open. Shoot, in today’s marketplace, readers want a revolving bedroom door with multiple partners and a book with more sex than anyone can even begin to fathom.


So I spend a lot of time in my imaginary sex lab. LOL. Yes, it too is a figment of my imagination but it’s state-of-the-art! ;))

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