Monday, November 17, 2008

Guest author Felicity Heaton is here

Good morning everyone! Felicity Heaton is here to celebrate her newest release, Seventh Circle. She will also be giving away a copy of her Prophecy Trilogy to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment or question. The winner will be chosen by Felicity tomorrow November 18th, so that everyone can have a chance. Please give an email where you can be contacted at.

I was able to interview Felicity Heaton and she was gracious enough to answer them for me. See the next post for her answers. If you would like more information on her books or characters, see her web sites below.


R Jensen said...

I wasn't sure which comment section to comment in. lol

How do you go about giving names to your characters? Do they start out with names before the story or as the plot develops? Do you change their names sometimes before the end of the book?

Anonymous said...

Hi Felicity! I wanted to know how you bring life to your characters. You have a story line, but how do you make all your characters personalities so different? Basically I want to know, how you make them who they are and what it takes to make an original person in a book?
Lisa Schwalbach

FH said...

Hi R Jensen!

Sometimes it's incredibly difficult to name the characters. Other times it's easy. Lincoln struck me as the perfect name for the hero of Seventh Circle. Lilith came to me because I had twin girls (her sister is called Eve) and it's a play on good versus evil that is revealed in the story.

I often find it hard to think of names for my secondary characters and villains though. I have a big list of names in a book that I add to whenever I come across one that I like. It's so handy to have it there in case I get stuck.

I have changed names before, and it was the hero too so it took a lot of search and replacing! It's something I try to avoid, but sometimes a better and more suitable name comes to me and I just have to roll with it.

Felicity aka F E Heaton

FH said...

Hi Lisa! Glad to see you made it here.

I spend a lot of time with my characters, writing out long biographies for them with a whole bunch of information I'll never use. Even if it doesn't get used, it still helps flesh out the character and make them more real.

I think it takes time to make characters original and real. You can't just take an idea for a story and rush headlong into it. Spending time with the characters, thinking about the story and how they'd feel, and what hangups they might have will make them better and you'll have a better story for it.

Oh, and plenty of flaws. No one is perfect which means that if you want a character to seem real, you've got to give them little flaws--failings, fears, hopes, dreams, nuances, bad habits and all the rest.


Anonymous said...

which heroine are you most like, and what would be your dream job if you wasnt a writer

2nd question where in the world would you like to like if you had the choice

Anonymous said...

** should have been like to live

FH said...

Hi Angie!!

I guess my dream job is being a writer, but I'd love to be a manga artist if I couldn't be one. I actually love my real-life job as a web developer. I'm such a geek!

In terms of my heroines, there's a bit of me in each of them. I'm quite like Prophecy in the respect that I can be rather stubborn and headstrong. But I'm also like Lilith in the fact that I don't normally feel I'm strong enough in life to do things that I need to do. There's a good dose of me in Kim from In Heat too because she just doesn't think that she's good enough or pretty enough, but I think that could be said of most girls. All that peer pressure to be beautiful. lol. We plain types don't stand a chance! I wouldn't say no to an Erik type (the hero from In Heat).

Hmm... where in the world? Well, there's a real simple answer to that. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in Japan. I'm a total Japanophile!


Anonymous said...

i like eric and kim too but then again all your characters are strong in their own ways

question 3 if you was offered, a contract to have one of your books made into a film which one would it be?

Anonymous said...

Hi again I have another question! Have you ever saw something, or read something or saw somebody that gave you a lightning flash of inspiration? For example it could be something so simple but it lead to a great book? Let's say you saw someone cross the street and they drew you in, so you started to think about their life because they looked so mysterious and all of a sudden...bam! Lisa Schwalbach

Tina said...

Hi...I have just added your books to my wishlist on Fictionwise, and they all sound so good! I am a HUGE lover of all vamp/werewolf romances and have recently discovered ebooks, since my bookshelves are

Shala said...


Do you do any research before writing your books? On the setting and area in which they will take place?

You are always very detailed (which is a wonderful thing!) and I enjoy being able to picture every small thing about your books.


Anonymous said...

Hi Felicity,

Do you have favorite story out of all the ones you've written? Have you ever written or wanted to write any other kind of literature like poetry?


Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you come up with your many different story lines? I started reading your writing when you were doing fanfiction and was sceptical when you switched over to original work. But I will have to admit that I love your original fiction! It amazes me of the different ideas that you get and how quickly another story comes out.

Thank you for your amazing work!


Judi said...

Hi Felicity!

I was wondering if it's harder for you to flesh out your characters or to come up with the plot, and which comes to you first? Thanks!

Judi :)


ddurance said...

What have you not written so far, that you would like to?


tigger9 said...

What is your favorite genre and what genre would you most like to try?

Anonymous said...

Hi Felicity,

Hope your having a great day. which one of your characters is your favorite and why? or is there more than one?

Kayla Roy

macbeaner said...

This sounds like a really interesting book! :)

FH said...

Hi Angie!

Ooh, if I could have a book turned into a film it would have to be the Prophecy Trilogy. Of course, I'd want it to be a three parter if possible. I couldn't imagine boiling all that story down into two hours!

I'd want to choose unknowns for the characters too - people who really looked like them.


FH said...

Hi Lisa!

I get inspired by the smallest or strangest things. Normally it's a song, or something that I've seen. Some little thing sparks my muse and he's off! I'm trying to think of one example of something really setting me on the road to a story. I think a good one would be Seventh Circle. I read Dante's Inferno (Divine Comedy) and thought about the levels of Hell, and then thought about whether God would place guards in such a place, and that maybe they'd become affected over time and some would turn evil. That's a good example of my muse running with an idea!


FH said...


Hi and thanks for adding my books to your wishlist. It's always exciting to reach a new reader, especially one who likes paranormal romances.

Hope you enjoy my stories when you get a chance to buy them.


FH said...

Hi Shala!

Do I do any research before writing? Of course. Sometimes it's about history or mythology, or something to do with the characters job etc. It's not always fun and interesting though. I did enjoy researching guns for Killing Game. I used to know a guy who was really into guns so he helped me a great deal.

As for the setting thing, I normally stick to writing about places that I've been to and know well. I don't like having to rely on images to tell me about a city. I like to have been there. I feel it really gives a better perspective for the reader. I normally write about cities that I love too. Places like Prague, Budapest, London, Paris, New York and the like.

I'm really glad that you get a sense for the places in my stories. I try to include little details about smell, or a sensation you get in a city. In Prophecy, the heroine comments that the city feels old and deadly. I felt that when I was walking there - so much history and you just knew not all of it was good.



FH said...

Hi Lily!

I'm terrible at poetry... you don't want to wish that on the world. lol. I think I'll stick to writing.

Out of all my stories the Prophecy Trilogy is my favourite. It's not just because it's so long and the plot is so twisting, it's because of the range of characters in it, and the heroine and her heroes.


FH said...

Hi Sara.

Hee. I was skeptical too when I made the move from fanfiction to original fiction, but it seems to be working out alright.

I get my inspiration from all manner of places and often a story is the culmination of many different moments of inspiration. It can really be anything from a memory, to a song, to something I read, to something totally random like someone I see or overhear. I think that leaving a story to sit for a while when it's still just an idea helps the storyline form. Oh, and always think of ways to add conflict and push your hero/heroine. I love to give them hell!

Yes, I do rattle through the stories. I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to writing and normally have around ten ideas rattling about in my head and I want to write them all at once!


FH said...

Hi Judi,

It's a chicken and egg question! Nah, not really.

To be honest, it's normally the plot that comes to me first and then the hero & heroine. Sometimes it works the other way around and I'll have an idea for a hero or a heroine, and I'll wonder what their story is. A lot of the time though it's the storyline first.

As for which is harder to flesh out, I actually find it more difficult to flesh out the characters and get them real enough in my head to write effectively on paper. When I'm fleshing out the plot I write down notes/scenes and that normally helps me in my quest to get to grips with my characters... which reminds me... there's something I need to write down about a character in my next book.


FH said...

Hi Deidre!

I had always wanted to try my hand at Sci-Fi and this year I managed to do just that. I love it!

Next up, I'd like to have a go at writing georgian/regency romance. I hear that the regency followers are a bit scary though if you get it wrong.


FH said...

Hi Tigger9

My favourite genre has to be paranormal romance. I absolutely love writing it. I just adore the range of characters and all those rules that I can bend.

Besides trying my hand at a regency romance, I'd love to have a go at writing a different genre within paranormal. Perhaps something more demonic than vampire/werewolf/shifter. Or demonic gods.


FH said...

Hi Kayla. I love your name! one of my heroines is called Kayla.

My favourite heroine without a doubt is Prophecy from the Prophecy Trilogy, probably because her story was so long that I became quite involved with her as a character.

My favourite hero is Erik from the In Heat stories because he'll do anything to win Kim's heart, even expose his weaknesses and put his heart at her mercy. It takes a strong hero to surrender his strength to the heroine.


FH said...

I've drawn the winner of my Prophecy Trilogy and it's Deidre!

I've had a blast being on the blog. Thanks to everyone who posted a question and made this a fun day!


Katie Bug said...

Thank you Felicity for stopping by and letting me interview you. It was a lot of fun. Good luck with your realease.

Congratulations Deidre! I hope you enjoy your prize.

Thank you everyone for coming by and I hope you had as much fun as I did.