Monday, November 24, 2008

Destiny Blaine will be my guest today

Destiny Blaine will be blogging here today. She will share some excerpts from her Winning Virgin series and also her newest release, Turnkey Lovers. I was able to review two of her Winning Virgin books when I was still with Dark Angel Reviews and she will post those later today too. She also gave me the opportunity to review Turnkey Lovers and that review will be posted later also.

To start off the day right, let me give you an excerpt and blurb from Turnkey Lovers.


Paisley is a business woman living in a world her father created. She’s tough, controlled, and lonely. At twenty-one, she’s permitted to enter the grounds her father created when he developed The Colonies of Our Galaxy and she hires a male escort to take her there. Her purpose is to not only see the company holdings for the first time but to finally experience the kind of relationship she’s avoided but now paid for—sexual.

When she arrives at the compound, it’s everything she expected and more. Not only is she impressed with the worlds her mother and father created but she is completely in awe of them. It doesn’t take long for Brogan, her escort, to lead her further into the life and lifestyles found there, and to introduce her to Phillip.

Phillip and Brogan, while hired to please and to teach a woman about her sexuality soon reveal their ulterior motives. Those motives are to seduce a powerful woman into a relationship full of pleasure and promise. If she fails to comply, there will be consequences but she quickly reminds them of the deadly shifts an angry woman can manage.


“Come here; I want to show you something.”

She followed him down a small circular walkway and realized they were approaching the landing pad for the shuttle back to earth. There, he led her into a control center where the latest in technology and transportation monitoring systems were evident everywhere. On one wall, large screens displayed weather Doppler maps along with graphs and charts. She focused on the bay window.

Moving closer, she stared into the galaxy. “It’s magnificent, truly divine.” It took her breath away. The colonies always left her speechless, but seeing them so close now, so perfectly shaped and holding true to their pattern, was humbling at the very least.

Phillip joined her. Side by side they stood and looked out over the colonies. “Paisley, I know you’re just beginning to find out more about your company holdings, but Father tells me you’ve also been very active in the business from a young age. Did you ever stop to wonder what keeps each of these colonies floating in sync?”

“No. I didn’t.” Now, she wondered why it slipped her mind to ask questions or research the historical beginnings. In fact, watching the colonies float along behind them now, she questioned herself and thought about it more and more by the second. What kind of CEO ignores the foundation for which their company stands?

“It’s your mother’s web.” He seemed pleased to inform her.

“It’s what?”

“It’s the only thing strong enough to hold the satellite bases together. The colonies, thanks to your mother’s ingenious and original designs, are able to mobilize as one unit. No one ever notices it, and of course, it isn’t widely discussed because of the obvious. No one would believe it.”

“I’m having a hard time understanding the magnitude of it.” She walked to the glass and pressed her face up against it. “Already everything here is so beautiful and yet you want an expansion,” She paused and turned to him again. “You are after an expansion aren’t you?”

“On a massive level, yes, I’m interested in an expansion.”

“And the bases, those are readily available?”

“Absolutely—the infrastructure for several proposed colonies have been developed. What we need, as you may well understand, is a stronger cable and the capacity to strengthen the existing ties to the current colonies.”

“And you can’t do this on your own?”

“It will be more interesting with you.”


Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks so much for allowing me to post here today. I'll post the reviews shortly.

Destiny :))

Katie Bug said...

You are welcome Destiny. I love this series so much.


Destiny Blaine said...

I wanted to post the WONDERFUL reviews from Dark Angel Review and our very own Katie!! Thanks so much for reviewing these books, Katie! You rock, lady!


5 Pixies: “If I wasn’t already in lust with the way Destiny Blaine writes, I would have been by the time I finished WINNING VIRGIN LOVE. The way she writes her characters makes it seem as though you are in each of their heads along with them. The sex scenes were incredibly hot and very explicit. The Spenser males have a very healthy sex drive with their mates. The ceremony with the seconds was incredibly hot. You had not one but three men paying extra special attention to Tabitha, with each male taking turns to worship her with their cocks, mouths and hands. The males spanked, tasted, pinched, licked, kissed, sucked, and rubbed her all over. The scenes with Almonzo and Tabitha were beautifully written and you could tell how deeply Almonzo felt for her. I am looking forward to starting the third book in the series, WINNING VIRGIN LUST.
—Reviewed by Katie, Dark Angel Reviews

5 Pixies: WINNING VIRGIN LUST is the third book in Destiny Blaine’s Winning Virgin series. This book is my favorite of all three in this series. Sebastian is your ultimate tortured hero. He has always been seen as the black sheep of the family because he wants to do what is right. Sebastian comes off tough but when it comes to Constance he can’t help but love her with a different side of himself. The side he once had as a child before his brothers tried to change him. Constance is like a keg of dynamite. One spark and it is explosions all over the place. The two of them together was incredibly intimate and showed what love could really be like. The second ceremony, with Constance, Sebastian and Gabriel, was rough and dirty. Instead of the loving way that Constance and Sebastian had sex, adding Gabriel was downright hot. Gabriel took her over in every way a man possibly can. This was one of those books that stick with you well after you finish reading it. Even though this was the third book in the series, the story line still seemed new and fresh. Destiny knows what she is doing when it comes to writing.” —Reviewed by Katie, Dark Angel Reviews