Thursday, October 23, 2008

A reminder

Just a quick reminder that next week is the Bloggy Carnival. Bitten by Books will have over $3000 worth of prizes. Yup, $3000! I think I even saw a ereader in there too. I got so excited about the Carnival that I added a $20 Amazon gift certificate of my own. If you win it, that could be three books that you have not read yet.
A little birdie told me that over $2000 is up for grabs at Bitten by Books sister site, Weird stuff in my desk. You do the math people!
So next week while your kids are driving you batty over how much candy they are going to get,(get it? batty) you can kick back in front of your computer and win some fabulous prizes.
So come on by next week and join us in the fun!