Saturday, September 20, 2008

New library

I took my daughter to our new library here in town. It was to replace our smaller library. The place is HUGE! The old one was right by the boats and sat near the water so I loved to go. I would take the time to look out at the water and daydream a bit. This one is downtown near a school, so no more water.

My daughter got her first library card today. She was so proud and wrote her name on the back, well her first one any way. It was so sweet to watch.

I took her into the children’s section to look for books. The look on her face was priceless. She would walk down the aisles and just hand them to me to put in the basket. She kept asking how many more she could get. lol I told her that she could get up to 20 books at a time. She checked out 18 and then got 2 DVD movies.

I didn't check any out and didn't go into the room that sold the old library books. My TBR pile is HUGE and I have no idea when I can get to them all. I was trying really hard to be good. Notice how I said "tried"? We were almost out the door when I saw a sign that said fit as many books into a paper bag and it would only be $2. What!? Yup, I looked and ended up taking 14 books home for myself. LOL They needed a good home.

On the way home my daughter had to read one of her books in the backseat. When we got home I had to read 6 books to her. We both enjoyed every minute of it.