Saturday, August 2, 2008

My book wish list

Beth Wylde's book Alpha Omega looks like a wonderful book. You have the paranormal aspect of the werelion. One messes up the anniversary, (like that never happens in real life) and they proceded to take it out on each other in the bedroom. Whats not to like?

Elizabeth Black's book A Spanking Good Time seems good because we have a woman that is that can tire out her man! A little spanking and some bondage. Bingo, good book!

Tambra Kendall's book Goin Down 2 has two people in an elevator having hot hot sex. You can't lose going up or down.

Mary Suzanne's book Loving Katie looks GREAT! I am of course not partial just because of the name. lol She has a cave and two people trapped in a storm. HOT!

Savannah Chase's book Bid For Love looks awesome. A sexy construction worker and a bachelor auction are the perfect ingredients for a great book.