Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caribbean Ghost Stories with author Dahlia Rose!

Blogger - Author Dahlia Rose

Location: Online at Bitten by Books!

Join us for an exciting day of Caribbean Ghost Stories with author Dahlia Rose!

From every part of the world they are stories that mystify us as children. We can sit, listen with wide eyes even as we grow into adult hood and still be captivated. Ghosts, spectral visions, voodoo, demons. Well I'm from an island of Barbados and I will give you a private tour into the ghost stories of our island. Things that seem unbelievable but have been seen by me and many of the islanders. From a race of tiny evil demons meant to terrorize to a spirit cannot rest. I will tell you all. Plus my favorite story of the island that has taken a special place in one of my upcoming books :) Join me in a journey to the parts of the island no one ever gets to see. If you dare!