Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday was craptastic!

On a sad note, my husband was driving home on Sunday night when a tree branch fell and went through the windshield. We had been having storms with 15 mph winds, hail and heavy rain. So now there is a BIG hole in the windshield, wires sticking out from the inside, the plastic cover for the inside right window is hanging down, the hood has dents a scrapes, and the right side of the car has dents or scrapes or both. There is tree embedded everywhere in the car.

That night I called and started the claim going and talked to a person that I could hardly understand.

I spent the whole entire day yesterday on the phone with our insurance company doing the claim thing again. It is considered a comprehensive accident since another car wasn't involved. I found out that we don't have towing covered or rental coverage. Check your policy people!

Since the windshield was caving in I had to call a tow truck to come get it and take it to the dealership for repairs. I than had to call the dealership to let them know the car was coming and ended up talking to a guy who had to be dumber than a box of hair.

I had been on the phone so much that my cordless battery died and I ended up on the cell phone. I got another call from the insurance company again to ask the same questions again. She also told me that I had duplicate claim. We got that straightened out and she asked me a few new questions. Since he got hit in the head, (he isn’t hurt cuz he has a hard head, lol). Now they have to do a medical claim. Did I mention he is out of town on business and I am doing this all by myself?

So now we sit and wait for the insurance guy to look at my car, (which I was told could take a few days) and wait for the estimate to come back. Once that is finished they can start the repair on my car.

Please check your insurance policies to make sure that you are covered as you should be and not find out the hard way like I did.