Monday, July 21, 2008

It just gets better and better

This last Friday the dealership calls me and asks what they are supposed to be doing with my car. My answer? "Are you freaking kidding me?" Dealership dork, "Um, it's just sitting here and I was wondering what we were supposed to do with it." So let me get this straight. It has a HOLE in the windshield and he doesn’t know what to do with it. I have a couple of suggestions but it won’t get it fixed.

I call my insurance agent Charlie, because that would be his job to fix this situation, right? WRONG! He suggests that it was my fault for confusing them when I had the car towed to the dealer ship. How could that have happened? I called the dealership to let them know that the car was coming for REPAIRS. When the tow guy came and picked it up I called them to let them know it would be there soon. The tow guy called them and let them know he was on his way too. I called again that afternoon and talked to a guy about the car. So between Monday and Friday they seemed to have forgotten all of the conversations.

My insurance guy suggests that I call the 800 number and have them fix the problem. So I am thinking what good is he? Isn't this his job and isn't this why he is being paid the BIG bucks?? I guess I was wrong. Once again assuming got me no where.
I call the 800 number and talked to a very nice woman named Amber. I explain the situation and she tells me to hold on a second. By this time I am fuming. My son is sitting next to me with big eyes and I can't seem to calm down any. My daughter is playing and completely oblivious to the situation. Thank goodness. Amber comes back on the line and tells me that it is all taken care of. That took what, 5 minutes at the most? So I am thinking that the extra appendage that the agent here in town has takes away from his brain.

BTW, Saturday my husband was fixing the brakes on his car. He spent all day working on it with his friend Bill and thought they had everything done. Come to find out they needed calipers (Sp?) and put those on. The brakes worked so well that the hoses broke. They fixed those and the brakes wouldn't work. They looked under the car and the long hose that goes from front to back for the brakes was leaking all over. So now we are down to 0 cars. My husband had to borrow a truck to drive to and from work.
So in other words, my husband is not allowed near any cars for a while.


Anonymous said...

Not gonna touch that one. Nope. No way. lol

Do I dare mention the obvious that it took females to get this straightened out.