Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It is a little after 10 and I am finally able to take a breath today. Who ever thought up the rules to enroll a small child into kindergarten should be tied up by their ankles and beaten with a rubber hose.

It started yesterday when I went through my sons backpack. He had a paper saying it was enrollment time for kindergarten. I was excited because now I can get my daughter into school and possibly get my sanity back.

So I go and look in my files which consist of stacks and stacks of papers. I keep everything but have no time to file most of it. An hour later I have her shot records from when we lived in California. I also found the paperwork to order her birth certificate. Now she was born in 2003, according to Ca starting in 2003 you have to have the request forms signed by a notary and then you mail them in. I think no problem. Another hour later and a call to my mother we figure out the correct web site and place the order. Now I need to find a notary.

Today my list of things to get done in order to enroll her was pretty long but I can do it. How hard can it be right? Well, pretty hard actually. Why you ask? First we had a doctor appointment for my son which took two hours. After that we drove to the Department of Health. I cringed at the thought of walking into the building. I begged my kids not to drive mommy nuts inside and to my surprise, they listened. *reminder* Need to check if aliens or dingo took my babies.

While we were there for what seemed all day but was actually only two hours or so, my daughter who is so NOT shy, made a few friends. She sure didn’t get that shy gene from me.

I find out that she needs to get four shots before they can transfer her shot records from Ca to Florida. Without those, I have wasted my time. We get into the room and sit down. Right across the way on the small table are needles all set to go. I can feel my daughter tense on my lap. I explain to her that in order for her to go to school and make friends like she wants, she needs to get shots. For some reason she doesn’t fall for it. Go figure.

The nurse was wonderful, bless her heart. She really and truly tried. Megan felt the tip of the needles and jerked out of my arms. She ended up with a long scratch on the arm and screamed like we were beating her. That was the one and only try. The paper work that was all filled out and ready for the school and my records went into the shredder. I wanted to cry.

On the bright side, I got her paperwork notarized. I think we were in the bank for maybe five minutes. Five freakin minutes!

So now I have an appointment on Friday to get her shots done, crossing fingers. This time I am bringing the big guns. Daddy is coming and I am making him be the bad guy. It will suck to be him for a change.

Did I mention that I had to do Target and Walmart afterwards? To celebrate we went to Starbucks. No they didn’t get caffeine in theirs. Do I look like an idiot? Shut up Mickie! lol


Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement. Whoever designed this torture evidently does not have kids.

Rosa said...

My son is starting Kindergarten in the fall also and we just went through a similar ordeal here. I was surprised to realize that they never mailed us his birth certificate after he was born. Apparently they don't do that. I told my husband they should do it automatically; it's like a receipt. ;-)

Katie Bug said...

I second that motion! It would make it so much easier.

After the medical fiasco we had problems with her going to the dentist. She was fine the first time but the next time we had to go back she freaked out. I couldn't even get in the chair.