Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I love my Mr. Potato Head

Why is it that every time I think an actor, singer, hockey player (Dan Cleary), Mike Rowe (of course he is a whiner now) and any other attractive man, Jerry says he likes boys?

Every time I think a man is attractive, my husband assumes he is gay. Is it because he is jealous or insecure? It’s not like I am ever going to meet any of these people. I would love to but it is pretty unlikely in my neck of the woods.

Whenever the subject of Michael Buble’ comes up my husband has his comment ready. “He likes boys.” Why? Even Michael Buble’s girlfriend (yes, he has a girlfriend) says that he reminds her of a potato. A potato people!

Now Mike Rowe and his Dirty Job show really don’t seem likely either. He is a pretty big whiner though. Isn’t part of his show getting dirty? Suck it up Mike.

This one really bugs me and I think he says it because I have a crush on Cleary. I sound so high school, huh? He is a hockey player that is 6ft and weighs over 200 pounds. This man is hot! *fanning self*

I have him as my background on MySpace. I have his picture as my background on my computer. I rewind when he is on TV playing. I make everyone be quiet when is talking in an interview. Geez! I sound like a stalker not a fan. I wonder if there is a restraining order on me somewhere. *making note to look that up on the net*

So is it the fact that I think they are attractive or is he jealous? I would never leave him for a potato, whiner or even a hot hockey player. Well, the hockey player one I would have to think about, but more than likely I wouldn’t. At least I don’t think I would. What!? Have you seen him?

So if Jerry is wondering, I love my own Mr. Potato Head.