Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear Santa

A few days ago my son decided to write a letter to Santa. My husband sat down with him and helped. Every now and then I could hear my son ask how to spell this or that. I didn't pay much attention.

The following morning he puts the letter in a envelope and puts it in our mail box out front and went to school. I spent the day like I normally do, catching up on laundry or whatever else needs my attention.

Later that day he comes home from school and we are having a snack in the kitchen. We talked about his letter and how I wished I could still write Santa a letter and tell him what I wanted. My son, bless his heart, tells me, "I asked for a present for you."

"You did?" I ask confused. "What did you ask for?" In my mind I am thinking it's a video game system or something.

"I asked for a hot tub." he answers straight faced.

Now I don't remember ever asking for one. Now if Santa can get it in the sleigh, then I will take it. Hey, I am just saying.