Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why some animals eat their young...

I am beyond glad that tomorrow my husband and my oldest will being going back to school or work. I can't tell you how bad it has been. No, wait. Yes I can.

This past Monday and Tuesday I decided to let my oldest stay home from school so he would have a full week off. Why you ask? I have no clue. Call it a brain fart but I let him any way. By Tuesday I wanted to run away or put my WHOLE family on Ebay. The shipping would have been way too much though.

I did my shopping for Thanksgiving on Tuesday and made my son go with me so I had someone to talk to or bitch to depending on how bad it was. That trip went really well considering how many people were there at the store. We were in and out within just two hours. We ended up with the top down and singing to Papa Roach on the way home.

Thanksgiving went pretty well considering. We had snacks all day and then sat down to eat around 530. I made every ones favorite dishes. Cranberries and yams for my daughter and I. Corn bread stuffing for the hubby. Green bean bake for the boy. I also made sure that I made Pumpkin pie for the boy and Pecan pie for myself and the hubby. Mommy even broke down and bought a bottle of wine to drink with dinner. Can't remember the last time I had a adult beverage.

What happens?? The boy didn't want any of the beans that I had made just for him. He didn't want the pumpkin pie either or the yams. The hubby didn't want dessert at all either. What was the point of even making dinner people? Or even washing my good china?

Now usually I wait til after my birthday (December 11th in case you want to buy me lots of presents. I LOVE BOOKS!) before we put up the tree for Christmas. I was feeling good today so I thought we could do it today. Boy was I wrong!

I let the kids decorate the tree and they did a pretty good job this year too. Next was the stockings, decorations, and lights. My son wanted lights in his room all hung up so I did. A hour later I was sweating and pissed off. I used two freakin strands and was even on a chair to reach up high. Did I mention I am very afraid of heights even on just a chair?? No? Well now I did. When I finished the lights does my son say, "Thank you mom, that looks great?" Oh hell no! He wants more lights because it isn't good enough with just two. He wants me to do zig zags on his wall. That is when I decided to go take a shower instead of stringing him up by his toes.
I had to lock myself in the bathroom so I could do my nails. I even took the time to paint my toes too. I have to soak it in because who knows when the next time will be.
So even though tomorrow will begin at 530 or 6 am, I am looking forward to it like you couldn't believe. I love my family, no really I do. I love them so much and I will say that in court under oath and everything when I have to beat the crap out of them. I am even looking forward to a day filled with Dora and her stupid cousin Diego. I swear neither one can find their shoes with out help even with a map.


Anonymous said...

LOL...gotta love the family life. You know what the sad part of the whole thing is? We will miss it when they are all grown up. How stupid is that? LOL