Friday, November 9, 2007

My Best Friend, My Sister....

Have you ever had a friend who felt more like a sister then your own? I have one and I have know her more then half of life. We wont give out a figure though. Just use your imagination. I will say this, we are in double digits.

I remember us first meeting like it was yesterday. We met through a friend and after that we were each others shadow.

We fought over the same two boys. I got the first one and she got the second. She married hers and I kicked mine to the curb shortly afterwards. No hard feelings at all and have to say that they are happily married. I have known him almost as long.

I remember how we had our lives planned out. What we were going to be when we grew up. Nothing was too high back then. To me, reality is much better.

Singing together and thinking we were so good, when we were actually the equivalent of a pack yapping dogs. I only know one other person as bad as we were. Roxanne! lol

She was there the night before my wedding. She talked to me when I cried that morning because I was so scared. Should or shouldn't I? I did follow through and have been married for 13 looong years.

I was at her wedding too when she married her sweetie. I got teary eyed like a idiot standing up there witnessing them finally tie the knot.

She was there for the birth of my son and followed my son and husband when they couldn't get him to breath right. I still can picture him purple but I knew that she wouldn't lie to me if I needed answers. That is how she is, BLUNT. My daughter has her name as her middle name. Except we spell it better. *wink*

We have been through our ups and downs always knowing the other would be there to catch us if we fell. To brush us off and push us forward again. She was the only friend that stuck with me when I moved and I will never ever forget that. Hell, she drove up to help move me back home.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that through out our friendship, it was her that kept me sane. When I became a biotch, she knocked me down a peg or two. I never got mad at her because I knew that she meant well. I love her as if she was my blood sister and will always always do anything in my power for her because she would do the same.

I LOVE you Mickie!!


Anonymous said...

And she even spelled your name right!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! How sweet. I just found this blog again. I love you honey! Go spelled my name right. LOL