Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mike vs. Mike

Here is my problem. You have Mike Rowe on the left and Mike Holmes on the right. Both have their pluses and minuses. More pluses though. *sigh*

Let us start with Mike Rowe. He is on a great show on the Discovery Channel. Does voice overs for numerous shows with that incredible voice of his. He is also a spokesman for Ford (should be Chevy). He has even done QVC.

He is tall, dark and handsome. Great bod too. *fanning self* Looks great in waders, boots and overalls.

On his show he has done numerous icky jobs. Road Kill removal, chicken sexing, bat biologist, bug killer, cleans up all kind of animal poop. He has even played with a monkey. Well sort of but the monkey won.

He does all this but the minus is that he whines the whole entire time on the show. Now I know that some of his job are rather nasty, but come on and suck it up.

Now on to Mike Holmes. He is also tall but blond instead on dark. I know I really don't care for blonds all that much but with him, I will make a exception.

He can make overalls look sexy and has such great looking arms.

What this man does is when homeowners are screwed over by contractors who were hired to renovate and they don't do the job or they do but with wrong work, he comes in and fixes it.

He doesn't cut corners at all. Far from it. I have seen on his shows how he decides that the room just needs to be teared down and started all over again from scratch. He goes the extra mile for these people who without him, would be stuck.

What I notice his how fair he is with his employees too. He shows them how to do a job but doesn't talk down to them. Far from it. He praises them often and I can't help liking him even more.

At the end of his shows he gets hugs from the families and he calls that his payment. Now how awesome is this?

Most of what he does is funded by donations and companies donating their time to help along with supplies.

The minus is that he is in Canada. *whining*

So check out his web site and find out how you can donate or find out more information about the show.

So now you see my problem? Too bad you couldn't have them both or put them together to make one man. Oh the possibilites!


Anonymous said...

Just listen to who is whining now!

You forgot to mention that Mike R can sing too. Be still my heart.

Or that Mike H could pick you up and carry you off into the sunset.


Katie Bug said...

He might sing, yes, but how could someone singing opera in your ear be romantic?? Do you know how loud that would be??

I still say give me a man with power tools over a man that sings opera anyday. Plus he says about funny. LOL